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Ohio recognizes Sgt. 1st Class Greg Huston

A Shelby County native who fought during the Vietnam War and was declared Missing in Action has been honored for the sacrifice he made for his country.
State Rep. Susan Manchester, R-Waynesfield, has announced House Bill 276 unanimously passed both the Ohio House and Ohio Senate. The bill designates a section of state Route 66 the “Sgt. 1st Class Charles Gregory Huston Memorial Highway.” The same bill also designates a number of other memorial highways and bridges across the state. Huston News

A portion of state Route 66 renamed in his honor

The son of William Paul and Betty Huston, Charles Gregory “Greg” Huston was born Sept. 29, 1945. After graduating from Houston High School, Huston enlisted in the United States Army. Huston Political News
According to official records, on March 28, 1968, Sgt. 1st Class George R. Brown, intelligence specialist; Sgt. Alan L. Boyer, rifleman; Sgt. Charles G. “Greg” Huston, rifleman; and eight South Vietnamese (ARVN) troops were inserted into the rugged jungle covered mountains of eastern Laos. They were ordered to conduct a reconnaissance patrol in an area well known for its heavy enemy activity. Huston Business News
As the patrol moved through dense Laotian jungle 10 miles north-northwest of the city of Tchepone and 14 miles west of the Lao/South Vietnamese border, it made contact with an enemy force of unknown size. When it became apparent they were outnumbered and outgunned, the team requested immediate extraction by helicopter. They also took evasive action to escape and evade the enemy as they moved toward the designated rendezvous point. Huston Press Release Distribution Service

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