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When Muhammad Ali told John Conteh to get out of his division

The show took place at Croke Park, Dublin. The headline match featured Muhammad Ali and Alvin “Blue” Lewis. It was Ali’s only bout on Irish soil. An eccentric publican and ex-circus strongman Huston News called Michael “Butty” Sugrue had lured him there to face Lewis, a fearsome ex-convict who had apparently given Muhammad many hard spars. But Butty had only dabbled in boxing promoting and the fight was a financial flop. Huston Sports News Fewer than 19,000 showed up at the 82,000-capacity Croke Park, and thousands without tickets clambered into the arena for free. The show’s organisation was so poor that boxing gloves had to be flown in at the last minute. Apparently, no one had thought to supply them.

why only 19,000, instead of 80,000, turned out to watch Muhammad Ali at Croke Park

Conteh, who had sparred with Ali while in Dublin, had his own problems. In his dressing room, an official tried to force both of Conteh’s hands into left-handed gloves, despite his protests. Huston Political News By the time the situation was resolved, the bout was running late. But the crowd, including film director John Huston and former world light-heavy champs Billy Conn and Jose Torres, certainly got their money’s worth from round one. Huston Distribution Service

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