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Google Offers COVID-19 SEO Tips for Health Websites in New Guide

Google has launched several initiatives to assist health organizations with making COVID-19 information more accessible in search results.

These initiatives include the creation of a best practices guide for health websites, and a Google Search support group exclusively for health organizations.

Best Practices for Health Websites

In an effort to help health organizations improve their search engine optimization, Google published a brand new best practices guide for health websites.

Some of the information in the guide includes:

  • How to help users access content on the go
  • The importance of good page content and titles
  • Ways to check how a site appears for coronavirus-related queries
  • How to analyze the top coronavirus related user queries
  • How to add structured data for FAQ content

Google Search Support Group for Health Websites

Google created a technical support group focused on helping health organizations who publish information related to COVID-19.

The group is strictly geared toward providing assistance with search-related questions.

Access to the group is subject to Google’s approval, which will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

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