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Matt Miller's Scouting Notebook: Latest 2020 Draft Rumors for Every NFL Team

The 2020 NFL draft will be unlike anything we've ever seen from the league's annual player selection lottery.
No flashy stage with awkward hugs with Commissioner Roger Goodell. No hats that are too small, no hastily made jersey for the draft pick to hold up in front of hundreds of flashing cameras. No Aaron Rodgers waiting in the green room all night.
Players, scouts, agents and even us in the media have had to adapt on the fly to the changes in the nation as COVID-19 has altered much of life as we know it. But the show will go on for the NFL draft, with the Cincinnati Bengals on the clock.
As the draft gets closer, the information from team sources gets more accurate and starts to flow more freely. Head coaches who are still digesting draft information will reach out for tips on a player or position group. Scouts, who've been studying this class for a year, are bored and anxious to talk. 
As those conversations happen, what information can be relayed to readers will be. And that's what this week's Scouting Notebook hinges on—the top team-by-team buzz in NFL circles right now.
CINCINNATI: The expectation is still, as it has been for four months, that the Bengals will select Joe Burrow at No. 1 overall. That said, there is a lot of buzz in scouting circles that the Bengals will at least listen to calls for this pick. This isn't New York Giants general manager Dave Gettleman refusing to listen to calls when they had the No. 2 pick in 2018.
WASHINGTON: Chase Young will be the pick unless there is a major change in the next three weeks. I'm told by league sources that Washington won't consider a quarterback here.
DETROIT: The Lions will be a hot destination for teams hoping to trade up in the 2020 draft. The clear expectation from inside sources around the league is that the Lions would love to slide back to No. 5 or No. 6 overall and still get a cornerback like Ohio State's Jeff Okudah.
NEW YORK GIANTS: The most recent talk coming out of New York is that the Giants love Clemson defender Isaiah Simmons, and I believe it enough to have made that the pick in my most recent mock draft. There is a quiet buzz building for Iowa offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs, though. It's notable that around this time last year, the talk of Daniel Jones to the Giants heated up, but many around the league, myself included, simply couldn't believe Jones would be a top-10 pick. This time around, both players linked to the Giants are natural fits and values at No. 4 overall.
MIAMI: Dolphins fans might want to begin thinking about life without Tua Tagovailoa as their quarterback after months of "Tank for Tua" talk. I'm told by multiple league sources that the Dolphins aren't convinced Tua is the best option and could instead target Oregon's Justin Herbert. The situation is fluid, but the buzz around the league is that Herbert has the most fans in the Dolphins' draft room.
LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: For months we've heard the Chargers will draft whichever quarterback the Dolphins don't, which was believed to be between Tua and Herbert. That could still be the case, but in a conversation earlier this week, one very well-connected scout mentioned that Jordan Love is a name to watch here. That's something I reported during Senior Bowl week—that the Chargers had a crush on the Utah State quarterback—and it could be coming full circle.
CAROLINA: After the Panthers traded for Russell Okung, sources around the NFL don't expect Carolina to draft an offensive tackle in the first round. One source suggested Matt Rhule and Joe Brady could surprise a lot of people and draft a wide receiver at No. 7 overall. "Look at that LSU offense. They're going to need more athletes at wide receiver to run Brady's scheme," is how the scout explained it.
ARIZONA: We all expected Arizona to go wide receiver here until Steve Keim stole DeAndre Hopkins from Houston. Now it looks like offensive tackle is the favorite position among analysts, but team insiders believe the Cardinals have eyes for Auburn defensive tackle Derrick Brown in the first round.
JACKSONVILLE: With two first-rounders, the Jaguars can address serious needs. Sources around the league wouldn't rule out a surprise pick at quarterback or wide receiver. That said, the consensus among sources has them going defensive tackle and cornerback in the first round.
CLEVELAND: Offensive tackle is expected to be the pick here by virtually everyone, but one well-connected scout did mention the Browns could trade back and target a defensive tackle like Javon Kinlaw from South Carolina.
NEW YORK JETS: Every source I spoke with still thinks the Jets go offensive tackle here, but I did learn throughout calls and texts this week that they are very high on Oklahoma wide receiver CeeDee Lamb. He's WR1 on the team's board and wouldn't be a surprise pick at No. 11 overall.
LAS VEGAS: Two first-rounders for Mike Mayock and Jon Gruden leaves the Raiders well-stocked to fill in holes. Don't rule out a quarterback, one source said, but the expectation around the league is a wide receiver early and a middle-of-the-field defender with their second Round 1 pick. That would be a defensive tackle, as the team wants to upgrade there.
INDIANAPOLIS: With two picks in the second round, the Colts are still in position to draft a quarterback of the future. As one scout told me: "This team has no quarterback under contract for 2021. They're drafting one."
TAMPA BAY: With Tom Brady locked up, look at offensive tackle in Round 1 as the biggest need and also best value. If Andrew Thomas (Georgia) or Austin Jackson (USC) is there, the Buccaneers could get a plug-and-play left tackle to protect the GOAT. 
DENVER: The Broncos are well-positioned to draft the best receiver on the board. Said one source with the team, "John [Elway] is going to get Drew [Lock] targets to work with."
ATLANTA: Cornerback is the favorite position for the Falcons based on conversations with scouts around the league. Florida's C.J. Henderson is the best cornerback expected to be on the board.
DALLAS: The Cowboys' moves in free agency all point to adding a wide receiver or cornerback, according to conversations with a plugged-in scout who knows the workings of this front office. 
PITTSBURGH: No first-rounder for the Steelers, but in the middle of Round 2, many scouts and sources expect the team to draft a quarterback of the future. "They can't risk what happened last year with no one behind Ben," said one rival general manager. 
CHICAGO: After trading for Nick Foles, the Bears aren't expected to draft a quarterback in this class. Said one plugged-in rival executive, "They're going to do all they can without a first-round pick to make [Mitchell] Trubisky look good and save their jobs."
LOS ANGELES RAMS: The Rams are limited on early-round selections after trading for established NFL starters like Jalen Ramsey, but the team has needs. Sources expect a running back early and an offensive tackle to potentially be the priority in Round 2 if one is on the board.
PHILADELPHIA: It's no secret the Eagles need help at wide receiver, but I'm told by sources with knowledge of the team's draft plans that speed will be the priority—not just at receiver, but for the entire draft class.
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