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Choosing Optimized Press Release Services to Promote Your Online Business

Hiring an SEO firm's optimized press release services could end up being a very savvy marketing move for your online business. These services take a specific keyword, or keyword phrase, and optimize the content so that you benefit from the natural rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other highly regarded search engines.

The benefits of optimized press release services

The key to getting good search engine results is by first thoroughly researching the selected keyword. The competitiveness of the keyword is important for Affordable Press Release Network Another consideration is determining how well optimized the other websites using the same keyword is.

Many benefits beyond search engine ranking. Your business can benefit from backlinks to news sites, headline impressions on countless blogs, websites, and news sites with RSS news feed.

Keyword research

Optimized press release services will no doubt have their own process of researching and selecting keywords. They will most likely make sure that your press release is optimized for long-tail keywords since they are much less competitive and searched for online. However, it is important that these terms provide more total searches than general, competitive keywords would. Optimizing does not mean stuffing your release with keywords.


This refers to the process of adding the search term into the copy. There are five main parts of a standard press release:

o Title
o Summary
o Body
o Company background information
o Press contact information

The keyword phrase should always be included in the title. The summary provides a brief introduction of what you plan to discuss. Free Press Release Distribution Services important to optimize the summary content because many times this content will show up on the search engine pages. The body of the content should utilize the most selected keyword phrases.

What to highlight

Most professional, optimized press release services will tell you that the information you present should be considered newsworthy. Adding a new service or product, hosting a special event, or announcing a newly published eBook or special reports are all good examples.

Sell your product/service

Optimized press release services understand the importance of having a press release sell your business' product or service. Remember that this is a way of getting your business the publicity it deserves. Once the copy has been written, optimized press release services will distribute it to various Affordable Press Release Website publishers and distributors online. For optimum results, you should aim to distribute a press release at least once a month.

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