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Keyword Strategy Tip - Who Are You Targeting?

 Have you thought much about your keyword search strategy? A big part of the online marketing business is about getting an advantage. This article is designed to give you an advantage with your keyword strategies.

Most marketers will just charge into Market Samurai or Micro Niche Finder, or a free keyword research tool, and search for Long-Tail Keywords in their niche. If they can find any that fall within their criteria - e.g. low competition and high search volume they'll start writing posts, articles or sales pages around it. What they don't realize is that there are significant differences between these long-tail keywords.

What do your potential prospects use the internet for? For our keyword discussion, we'll split them up into 3 simple groups.

1) Researchers:

These people are not considering buying. They are just browsing and surfing, looking for information. They primarily look at general long-tail keywords, like "child custody", "child custody laws" or "good cameras".

2) Buyers

These people know exactly what their problem is, before they even hit a search engine. Or they have used the search engines to narrow down exactly what they want (see 3rd group below). They search for specific products and items. For example "canon 590 camera best price" "get me custody of my child"

3) Researchers who turn into buyers

These are people who start off as researchers, but during the research discover a particular need or problem. For example, at first they may just clarify what it is they are looking for. They may search for "Child Custody Rights" for example. Once they know where they stand, then they start getting specific. They start looking for the best way of getting custody of their children. Is there an information product out there that will tell me the best way of doing this? Now they may search for "getting child custody book" or "winning child custody". Another example - they look at the features of camera online, and then decide they want a camera with certain features. E.g. "camera with mp3" "underwater cameras". Gradually they become more specific. The point here is that with this group you can optimize for certain keywords and then guide them via your sales copy to your product.

Thinking about your business and making sales - we are really only interested in the last two.

If we think about what exactly our prospects want when they put in their longtail keywords, we have a much better advantage. If they are searching for a specific product, we just need to get a Webpage Friendly Keywords that reinforces their decision and a big ORDER HERE sign. If they are part of group 2, we want to guide them into buying and any sales copy we do should reflect that.

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