4 Florida Teachers Die Of COVID In Two Days In The Same District

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Three Florida teachers and a teacher’s adjunct person died of COVID successful the Broward County schoolhouse territory successful 2 days.

All Four Teachers Were Not Vaccinated

NBC 6 successful South Florida reported:

The Broward Teachers Union confirmed Thursday that 3 teachers and a teacher’s adjunct person died from COVID-19 wrong the past 2 days.

Union president Anna Fusco said those teachers were connected summertime interruption erstwhile they got the virus.

Their colleagues learned of the bittersweet quality connected Wednesday erstwhile teachers returned to the schoolroom to hole for the kids to travel to adjacent week.

Fusco said astatine slightest 3 of the 4 were not vaccinated, but 1 had been precocious cleared by a doc to get the vaccine.

The School District Just Passed A Mask Mandate, But The Teachers Were Still On Summer Break

The educators were not successful schoolhouse yet. They caught COVID-19 portion inactive connected summertime break. The Broward County School District conscionable voted this week to defy Gov. Ron DeSantis and enforce a disguise mandate, but the determination not to get vaccinated has proven to beryllium a fatal 1 for the present deceased teachers.

Vaccines Need To Be Mandated For Teachers

Any teacher who does not get vaccinated is risking their ain lives and the well-being of their students. Hopefully, this is simply a wake-up telephone to those teachers who person not been vaccinated each crossed the country.

Teachers request to beryllium assemblage leaders and portion of the solution.

The concern successful Florida is dire owed to the intentional worsening of the pandemic by Gov. DeSantis. Still, the deaths of the Broward educators should besides service arsenic a informing to each unvaccinated teacher arsenic classes resume for the fall.

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