Aaliyah's estate releases statement over 'unauthorized projects'

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(CNN)The property of Aaliyah has a connection to those who person tried to merchandise unauthorized projects astir the precocious star.

The singer, who was calved Aaliyah Dana Haughton, died August 25, 2001 astatine the property of 22 successful a level clang that besides took the lives of 8 others.

Aaliyah's estate announced past twelvemonth that it was successful talks with assorted euphony labels with to bring her catalog of euphony to streaming services.

    That has been the anticipation of galore Aaliyah fans for years arsenic the precocious artist's euphony is noticeably absent from streaming.

      The archetypal Blackground Records, which released a bulk of Aaliyah's music, was owned by the precocious singer's uncle and erstwhile manager, Barry Hankerson.

      "Protecting Aaliyah's bequest is, and volition ever be, our focus," reads a caller station from the estate's verified Twitter account.

        "For 20 years we person battled down the scenes, enduring shadowy tactics of deception with unauthorized projects targeted to tarnish," the property wrote. "We person ever been confused arsenic to wherefore determination is specified a tenacity successful causing much symptom alongside what we already person to header with for the remainder of our lives."

        "This unscrupulous endeavor to merchandise Aaliyah's euphony without immoderate transparency oregon afloat accounting to the property compels our hearts to explicit a connection -- forgiveness," the connection continued.

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