Abdo backs Gould's summer league proposal

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NRL CEO Andrew Abdo says the league is weighing up the connection of a summertime competition, aft the thought was raised by Bulldogs GM Phil Gould.

In an effort to assistance the adjacent generation, Gould yesterday sent a connection to some Abdo and Peter V'landys with a presumption to moving a contention done November and December for NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg players who haven't been capable to get connected the field.

The New South Wales Rugby League this week cancelled a fig of competitions for a 2nd consecutive season, including the NSW Cup and Jersey Flegg, 2 of the large pathways for emerging NRL talent.

"Yes [the NRL is looking astatine the thought seriously] I similar the idea," Abdo told 2GB's Wide World of Sports Radio.

Sam Walker playing for North Sydney against South Sydney successful the circular 3 NSW Cup lucifer successful March. (Getty)

"If it were up to me, we would beryllium playing rugby league 12 months of the year. I deliberation the accidental to play successful summertime is simply a bully one.

"The biggest situation that we request to overcome, and we've proven we tin bash this, is to find a mode to beryllium capable to get players grooming and playing safely again, peculiarly successful New South Wales.

"We're going to ticker precise intimately and evidently enactment and get down the vaccine rollout successful the assemblage and if we spot a concern wherever assemblage athletics is allowed backmost oregon we're capable to find ways to accelerate radical being capable to bid and play safely again, past I deliberation it's a terrific idea, peculiarly for younger property groups."

Gould said adjacent if an authoritative contention can't beryllium organised, the clubs based successful occidental Sydney, specified arsenic the Bulldogs, Eels, Tigers and Panthers would beryllium keen to organise a bid of stand-alone matches.

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