AFL great's issue with 'the Toby Greene tax'

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Port Adelaide triple centurion Kane Cornes has slammed the two-match suspension imposed connected GWS superstar Toby Greene and says it's a lawsuit of "the Toby Greene tax" being applied.

Greene raised his close elbow astatine Geelong weapon Patrick Dangerfield during the archetypal 4th of Friday's match, collecting him high, and lucifer reappraisal serviceman Michael Christian slapped the Giants guardant with a two-game ban.

The Giants instantly indicated they would situation the suspension astatine the tribunal this week.

"Watch Dangerfield's close ft slip, the archetypal interaction is low, Dangerfield slips into it and the interaction goes high," Cornes said connected Nine's The Sunday Footy Show.

"That cannot beryllium 2 weeks for that crushed and a fig of different reasons, including the precedence that has been acceptable repeatedly successful this game.

"So (the Giants) volition reason this, they'll spell to the tribunal, (Greene will) get off."

The infinitesimal Toby Greene elbowed Patrick Dangerfield precocious successful the GWS-Geelong clash connected Friday night. (Getty)

Cornes brought the attraction of viewers to respective different cases successful which the tribunal had overruled the lucifer reappraisal officer.

The dual All-Australian looked backmost connected Bailey Fritsch's elbow to Tom Powell's caput successful Round Seven, Lance Franklin's elbow that caught Luke Ryan precocious successful Round 19 and Dangerfield's forearm to the caput of Nick Vlastuin successful the 2020 expansive final.

"Bailey Fritsch got 1 (week), and past helium was off, and that was overmuch worse than what Greene did connected Dangerfield. So that's one. Goes to the tribunal, he's off," Cornes said arsenic footage of the incidental rolled through.

"This is Franklin. One (week), goes to the tribunal, he's off. There is much intent, helium has deliberately swung the elbow back, it's not successful play truthful to speak, he's not successful the process.

"Dangerfield successful the (2020) expansive final. Bang, much severe, Vlastuin retired cold, thing to see.

"So, however tin you person an incidental successful Round Seven that is fto disconnected and that successful the expansive last that is fto disconnected and past successful Round 21 (Greene) gets 2 (weeks)?

"It'll spell to the tribunal, helium volition get off.

"But the Toby Greene taxation was applied here, unfortunately, which is repeatedly the case."

Former Western Bulldogs and Richmond guardant Nathan Brown backed Cornes' stance.

"You should beryllium playing adjacent week, Toby Greene," Brown said.

"I wholly hold with Kane that there's a ruling for Toby Greene and there's a ruling for different players."

If Greene fails to gewt disconnected astatine the tribunal helium volition miss the Giants' past 2 matches of the regular season, against Richmond and Carlton.

Patrick Dangerfield walks to the seat aft copping an elbow from Toby Greene successful the GWS-Geelong lucifer connected Friday night. (Getty)

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