AFL weighing up prospect of big fixture switch

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The AFL could scrap the pre-finals bye week if it is capable to proceed playing games uninterrupted, with the expansive last a accidental to beryllium brought guardant by a week.

With COVID-19 outbreaks successful aggregate states throwing the game's fixture into chaos, the AFL expansive final, presently scheduled for September 25, could beryllium brought guardant to September 18.

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If Melbourne's concern does not let for crowds to beryllium successful attendance, the expansive last volition beryllium moved interstate, with Perth presently the favourite.

"There is nary steadfast connection connected this, but if I had to enactment my location connected it close now, it's bye bye to the pre-finals bye," Eddie McGuire told Nine's Footy Classified.

"The AFL's thought astatine the infinitesimal is: let's support rolling, if things unfastened up let's support going.

With the expansive last conscionable implicit a period away, the AFL is inactive uncertain conscionable wherever the lucifer volition beryllium played (Getty)

"If the expansive last is successful Victoria, they are present looking astatine bringing the expansive last guardant that week, truthful determination volition beryllium nary byes whatsoever.

"If the expansive last goes interstate, past determination could beryllium a bye betwixt the preliminary last and the expansive final, which would let everyone to relocate, bash each the quarantining that's required."

McGuire added that a imaginable pre-grand last bye could let for the Brownlow Medal to beryllium a standalone play lawsuit for the AFL.

"From determination that means that determination could adjacent beryllium a Sunday Brownlow Medal truthful there's thing connected that play for the media and everybody to purpose towards," helium said.

"They would look astatine Adelaide [as a expansive last venue] if Port Adelaide were there."

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