AI and data mining programming languages are "booming"

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Each month, TIOBE releases its apical programming connection index, highlighting tiny fluctuations successful the shifting landscape. The latest scale features a bottleneck astatine the apical arsenic others surge ahead.


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Each month, TIOBE publishes its top programming languages index, providing regular updates astir the granular fluctuations successful the ever-shifting landscape. The popularity of these programming languages is impacted by myriad influences including the latest innovations, user technologies and more. The latest scale for August features a bottleneck astatine the apical arsenic different programming languages surge ahead.

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"Smart phones were the caller deed galore years ago. As a consequence, the programming languages that were utilized to constitute mobile applications became precise fashionable arsenic well," said Paul Jansen CEO TIOBE Software, successful a blog station astir the latest rankings. "The champion illustration of this is Objective-C, which peaked astatine presumption 3 successful the TIOBE index, whereas it was lone utilized to constitute apps for iPhones."

Jump up a fewer years and Jansen explained that "we person the aforesaid with information mining and AI," adding that the programming languages utilized successful these areas "are booming."

"The astir striking illustration is Python that took implicit the 2nd presumption from Java. Even aged languages spot a revival due to the fact that of this, similar the surge of Fortran," helium continued.

Top programming languages: August scale

Overall, C reigns ultimate successful the latest rankings with a 12.57% rating, representing a 4.41% twelvemonth of twelvemonth decrease. Not acold behind, runner-up Python boasts an 11.86% standing and has seen this people summation 2.17% twelvemonth implicit year. Third-ranked Java has seen its standing dip 4% successful the past twelvemonth to settee successful with a 10.43% people successful the latest index.

Among the apical three, Python is the lone programming connection with a affirmative year-over-year standing change. Since past August, Python has usurped Java with the 2 programming languages switching positions. In order, C++, C#, Visual Basic and JavaScript circular retired the apical seven. Interestingly, scale rankings 4th done seventh stay identical to their August 2020 positioning.

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In the eighth spot,  PHP (2.19%) has jumped 1 spot since past August with its standing dropping a specified 0.05% during this clip period. Close behind, Assembly connection has surged 5 spots and 0.99% since past August and present touts a 2.03% rating. Holding the aforesaid presumption it held successful August 2020, SQL caps disconnected the apical 10 with a 1.47% rating.

Top 20 shakeups

The remaining apical 20 includes a fig of notable updates including marked drops and sizable surges. For example, No. 11 Groovy (1.36%) has jumped 7 spots twelvemonth implicit twelvemonth portion No. 12 Classic Visual Basic has besides risen 5 spots during this clip period. In the past year, No. 13 Fortran has surged 29 spots and present carries a 1.14% rating. This year-over-year standing summation (0.83%) is the largest affirmative alteration successful the August scale aft online Python and Assembly Language.

Since past August, No. 14 R has seen a autumn from grace of sorts, slipping six spots portion No. 15 Ruby mirrors its 2020 ranking with a minimal standing alteration (0.03%) implicit this clip period. In order, Swift, MATLAB and GO circular retired the apical 18, with each dropping aggregate positions twelvemonth implicit year, though GO registered the biggest dip (7) of the three. No. 19 Prolog (0.80%) has jumped 17 spots since past August and Perl caps disconnected the apical 20 with a 0.78% rating.

"Other absorbing moves this period are: Rust from presumption #27 to #24 and Julia from presumption #35 to #26. Both Rust and Julia are beardown candidates for a imperishable apical 20 position," Jansen said.

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