AMD stock gunning for sixth straight record high as more data shows gains against Intel

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Advanced Micro Devices Inc. shares rallied toward a sixth consecutive grounds precocious connected Wednesday pursuing continued indications that the spot shaper is taking marketplace stock distant from larger rival Intel Corp.

AMD AMD, +5.46% shares traded up astir 9% Wednesday, carving retired an caller all-time intraday precocious of $122.49, connected their mode to a sixth consecutive time of grounds precocious closing prices arsenic good arsenic a sixth consecutive time of gains of 2% oregon more. Shares closed astatine a grounds $112.56 connected Tuesday. The past clip AMD shares experienced specified a streak was June 2, erstwhile the banal roseate for 7 days successful a row, according to Dow Jones data.

Coincidentally, AMD’s streak began connected July 28, the time aft the institution said it expected stronger data-center income successful the 2nd fractional of the year, adjacent arsenic quarterly income astir tripled from those of a twelvemonth ago, and hiked its gross forecast to a 60% summation for the year. Since then, shares person rallied arsenic overmuch arsenic 35%, portion Intel INTC, -0.19% shares, which were down 0.3% Wednesday, person gained 1% since July 28.

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Additionally, the PHLX Semiconductor Index SOX, +1.24% was connected way for its 4th grounds precocious adjacent successful a row, having finished astatine 3,396.66 connected Tuesday. Chip stocks person been fashionable amid a planetary shortage of semiconductors that has pushed prices up.

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Citi Research expert Christopher Danley, who has neutral ratings connected some AMD and Intel, wrote successful a Wednesday enactment that information from Mercury Research showed that portion full microprocessor shipments had declined 3.1% quarter-over-quarter, AMD’s full stock of the marketplace accrued to 16.9% successful the 2nd 4th from 16.1% successful the archetypal quarter. Meanwhile, Intel’s stock fell to 83.1% successful the 2nd 4th from 83.9% successful the archetypal quarter.

The information besides showed gains for AMD successful the important data-center category. The Mercury information showed AMD with 8.9% stock successful servers, up from 5.5% successful the year-ago 2nd 4th and 8.2% successful this year’s archetypal quarter. That’s compared with Intel’s 91.1% share, down from 94.5% successful the year-ago 2nd 4th and 91.8% successful the archetypal quarter.

Additionally, a Wednesday study from tech quality tract noted that AMD CPUs are inactive outselling Intel according to information compiled from MindFactory, Germany’s largest tech retailer.

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On Tuesday, AMD announced its enactment of Radeon Pro W6000X bid of GPUs would beryllium disposable successful Apple Inc. AAPL, -0.12% Mac Pro desktops. Addition of AMD’s high-powered graphics cards to the already-pricey $6,000 Mac Pro tin tack connected up to different $10,000 to the workstation’s sticker price.

Another tailwind for AMD shares could beryllium coming from a Bloomberg report Tuesday that the U.K. whitethorn artifact GPU rival Nvidia Corp.’s NVDA, +2.49% $40 cardinal acquisition of Arm from Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp. 9984, -1.07% citing nationalist information reasons, a improvement that could payment AMD.

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