Arthur addresses 'crazy' talk around Eels future

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Eels manager Brad Arthur has labelled speculation astir his aboriginal amid Parramatta's caller descent arsenic "crazy".

Arthur has been nether the pump successful caller weeks arsenic the Eels conflict to clasp connected to their spot successful the apical four. With remaining games against the Sea Eagles, Cowboys, Storm and Panthers implicit the adjacent month, the Eels could driblet arsenic debased arsenic sixth by the extremity of the season.

Arthur fronted the media this greeting successful the look of burning questions hovering of the squad pursuing 3 consecutive losses.

The under-fire Parramatta manager addressed reports astir skipper Clint Gutherson's future, supporting the thought of putting declaration talks connected clasp until the extremity of the season. He besides rejected claims details of the skipper's asking terms were leaked from wrong the club.

Arthur insisted he's blessed with his unit and the recruitment policies successful place, contempt reports of a clash of philosophies betwixt the manager and wide manager Mark O'Neil. The bewildered Eels mentor admitted to being puzzled by the absorption connected his future.

"There's 12 teams close present that beryllium beneath us, truthful if you privation maine to beryllium existent honorable I deliberation it's brainsick that we're sitting present talking astir my job," Arthur said.

Parramatta Eels manager Brad Arthur dismissed speech astir his future. (Getty)

"But each I cognize is that I'm doing the champion I tin and the players are doing the champion they can.

"Yeah our signifier is down a small bit, but we tin easy crook that around.

"But I'm afloat alert of the consequences and the reliability and the actions that we have, they autumn connected my shoulders."

A 4th consecutive nonaccomplishment volition spot them driblet retired of the apical 4 this Saturday against Manly, with the Eels facing apical tier teams successful the tally location to the finals.

Arthur said each the speech surrounding the squad volition easiness if they tin drawback their losing streak against Des Hasler's side, portion dismissing claims his squad is abbreviated of prima players to get them implicit the line.

"I've been coaching for 8 years now. We hadn't adjacent played a crippled astatine the commencement of the twelvemonth and determination was already immoderate conjecture astir my position," Arthur said.

"As a playing group, they're precise bully successful presumption of (what) we don't discuss. I ne'er have, successful the clip I person been present astir what is said successful the media.

"A triumph takes distant each the noise.

"The nine has done a precise bully occupation to springiness america a squad. I've ne'er erstwhile complained successful 8 years of the squad that we person to enactment with.

"We're a blue-collar workman-type squad wherever we request each 17 players each week to bash their job."

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