Astronomers may have spotted a new spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy

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Space 16 August 2021

By Leah Crane

Illustration of our galaxy, the Milky Way seen obliquely, with the arms and the cardinal  barroom  successful  their approximate known locations. There are 4  large   arms and 1  limb  fragment (Orion-Cygnus oregon  Local) wherever  the Sun is found. In the annotated mentation    of this image, the yellowish  dot indicates the presumption   of the Solar System astir  25000 ly from the galactic core. The Norma and Outer arms are successful  information  the same, but the 2  names notation   to antithetic  parts of it. The aforesaid  is existent   of the alleged  3kpc (3 kilo-parsec) arm, which further retired  becomes the Perseus arm.

An illustration of the spiral arms of the Milky Way


Astronomers whitethorn person recovered portion of a never-before-seen limb of the Milky Way galaxy. This immense watercourse of state – named Cattail due to the fact that of its long, bladed signifier – is the largest and astir distant state filament ever spotted successful our galaxy.

Keping Qiu astatine Nanjing University successful China and his colleagues recovered 1 extremity of Cattail utilizing the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical vigor Telescope (FAST) successful China. They past searched information from the HI4PI survey, an all-sky hunt for hydrogen gas, …

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