Aussies punch above weight as USA leaves it late

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Australia has finished sixth successful the last Tokyo Olympics medal tally, signaling their second-best showing astatine a Games successful the nation's history.

And successful a precocious swoop, the USA has beaten China to the station to apical the standings with 39 golden medals successful a combined tally of 113.

China finished 2nd with 38 golds successful a combined full of 88.

Going into the last time of competition, USA and China were locked astatine 38 golds apiece with lone a fewer last medals to beryllium decided.

It was USA's women's volleyball squad that earned the decisive golden with a straight-sets expanse implicit Brazil this afternoon.


Team USA's Kevin Durant and Australia's Patty Mills aft the Olympic medal ceremony. (Getty)

Host federation Japan had their champion showing astatine an Olympic Games, claiming 27 golden medals successful a combined full of 58 to decorativeness third, portion Great Britain finished 4th with 22 golden medals successful a combined full of 65.

While Australia was flying precocious successful the archetypal week of competition, blistery connected the heels of some China and the USA acknowledgment to immoderate stunning performances successful the pool, a acold slower 2nd week saw the Aussies gaffe down the bid to settee down fifth-placed Russia.

Australia's 17 golds successful a full of 46 medals is their second-best showing astatine a Games down Athens 2004 wherever the Aussies took location 17 golden successful a full of 50.

It's a bold showing from a federation of 25 million, beating retired the likes of planetary sporting heavyweights France, Netherlands, Germany and Canada.

Gold medalist Emma McKeon of Team Australia poses during the medal ceremonial for the Women's 50m Freestyle Final. (Getty)

Swimmer Emma McKeon was Australia's astir palmy jock successful Tokyo, taking location a whopping 7 medals (four gold, 3 bronze) to marque her the nation's astir decorated Olympian ever.

McKeon besides claimed much medals successful Tokyo than immoderate different jock - she was, however, beaten successful the solo golden medal number by USA swimmer Caleb Dressel.

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