Bikes explode in flames after huge MotoGP crash

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Dani Pedrosa was progressive successful a fiery clang astatine the Styrian Grand Prix, his archetypal MotoGP contention for astir 3 years.

Pedrosa crashed astatine crook 3 connected the 3rd thigh of Sunday's contention astatine the Red Bull Ring and his motorcycle came to remainder mid-track; close connected the racing line.

Lorenzo Savadori came into the crook unsighted and crashed his Aprilia consecutive into Pedrosa's KTM. Both bikes burst into flames, though the some riders were good wide erstwhile the occurrence started.

The contention was reddish flagged arsenic way marshals tended to the wreckage. Pedrosa was unharmed but Savadori suffered a breached ankle and volition miss adjacent weekend's Austrian GP.

Dani Pedrosa's motorcycle is seen successful flames and marshals effort to extinguish the occurrence during the MotoGP Grand Prix of Styria. (Getty)

"A unsmooth commencement successful the archetypal contention due to the fact that I don't cognize wherefore I had this crash," said Pedrosa, a wildcard for KTM aft retiring from full-time racing successful 2018.

"I deliberation it was 3rd thigh and possibly I touched the wrong enactment oregon possibly the tyre was excessively acold connected the right-hand ride; I was utilizing the hard compound connected the beforehand with these colder conditions today.

"I don't cognize why, I went into the crook erstwhile I was astatine maximum space and I conscionable tried to prime up the motorcycle retired of the crook and the motorcycle didn't prime up and I stayed connected the floor.

"I spun successful the mediate of the track, unluckily Savadori deed my motorcycle and he's hurt, truthful I'm atrocious for him.

"But I was precise lucky, I don't deliberation I had this concern earlier successful my career, truthful it was a small spot of a daze seeing each the bikes passing by 1 broadside and the other. But fortunately, it was each bully for me."

Dani Pedrosa's motorcycle aft helium crashed and it collide with Lorenzo Savadori. (Getty)

Pedrosa was capable to contention successful the 27-lap restart and finished 10th. The contention was won by Jorge Martin of Ducati-Pramac, who earned his archetypal MotoGP victory. Reinging satellite champion Joan Mir finished 2nd and title person Fabio Quartararo was third.

Australia's Jack Miller was successful 4th erstwhile helium crashed with 10 laps left. It was the 2nd contention successful a enactment that he's failed to decorativeness and a hammer stroke to his hopes of making a rubric run. He's present successful 5th place, 72 points down French prima Quartararo.

Lorenzo Savadori's motorcycle aft the crash. (Getty)

Miller aboriginal weighed successful connected the fiery crash, which caused a reddish emblem for the 3rd consecutive MotoGP contention astatine the Red Bull Ring.

"Today's reddish emblem was a spot different," Miller said.

"That tin hap successful immoderate track, erstwhile 1 motorcycle crashes and different 1 hits it erstwhile everything is truthful adjacent together. So, I don't deliberation that was the track's responsibility today."

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