'Brand New Cherry Flavor' is revenge horror gone '90s LA noir

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(CNN)Looking astatine the existent tv landscape, you mightiness deliberation it was 1997.

With the "Friends" reunion kicking things disconnected successful May and the upcoming wider merchandise of "Rugrats," you whitethorn consciousness inspired to crook connected immoderate TLC, propulsion connected a harvest top and immoderate Dr. Martens, and hop aboard the nostalgia train.

    Netflix and different streaming services tin decidedly instrumentality you there.

      Three things to watch

      'Brand New Cherry Flavor'

      Rosa Salazar stars arsenic  Lisa Nova successful  "Brand New Cherry Flavor."

      Set successful the aboriginal 1990s, "Brand New Cherry Flavor" volition marque you deliberation of fearfulness connected acid.

      The constricted bid feels similar 1 agelong fever dream -- and I mean that successful the champion imaginable way. Granted, I'm into a bully old-fashioned Hollywood revenge plot, but prima Rosa Salazar brings a small thing extra.

      As aspiring filmmaker Lisa Nova, who seeks the acheronian broadside to get backmost astatine shaper Lou Burke (played by Eric Lange), Salazar is mesmerizing.

      "Brand New Cherry Flavor" starts streaming connected Netflix connected Friday the 13th, due to the fact that of people it does.


      Jennifer Hudson stars arsenic  the precocious   Aretha Franklin successful  "Respect."

      Jennifer Hudson was calved to play Aretha Franklin.

      The Queen of Soul knew that arsenic well, which is why earlier her decease successful 2018 Franklin selected the Oscar victor to represent her arsenic Hudson does successful the caller movie "Respect."

      Hudson told me it wasn't easy, though on-screen her portrayal looks effortless.

      "I don't deliberation determination tin ever beryllium capable preparation, particularly erstwhile you are portraying idiosyncratic you person ever looked up to and admired," Hudson told me.

      The movie is successful theaters Friday.

      'FBoy Island' Season 1

      There are immoderate   amusive  and immoderate   games connected  "FBoy Island."

      I indispensable constitute this 1 very carefully.

      If you cognize what the rubric refers to, you whitethorn person already figured retired that this is yet different dating amusement trying to find an space that hasn't been done before. If you don't cognize what the rubric stands for, Google it erstwhile determination are nary kids around, please.

      Comedian and histrion Nikki Glaser serves arsenic big arsenic 3 women effort and fig retired which men connected the land are "nice guys" and which are those who are conscionable determination for currency and, uh, pleasure.

      The bid wraps up the archetypal play this week connected HBO Max, which is owned by CNN's genitor company.

      Two things to perceive to

      (From left) Ashley Iaconetti and Ben Higgins be  the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Festival astatine  T-Mobile Arena successful  Las Vegas, September 22, 2017.

      Oh, Bachelor Nation, I conscionable can't look to discontinue you.

      "The Ben and Ashley I. Almost Famous Podcast" helps present my hole arsenic former Bachelor Ben Higgins and erstwhile "Bachelor" contestant Ashley Iaconetti connection up some penetration and tea.

      Where other could I get the afloat backmost communicative connected wherefore erstwhile "Bachelorette" Tayshia Adams decided to stay a virgin until she got joined -- consecutive from her?

      It's axenic candy for Bachelor Nation fans.

      The podcast is simply a portion of iHeartMedia.

      Brandon Flowers of The Killers performs astatine  the 2018 Bonnaroo Arts and Music Festival successful  Manchester, Tennessee, connected  June 10, 2018.

      Get acquainted with the municipality of Nephi, Utah.

      That's wherever The Killers' caller album, "Pressure Machine," is set.

      It's "a conception grounds astir beingness successful Nephi told from the position of assorted townspeople that touches connected everything from medicine cause maltreatment and poorness to crime, homophobia, and depression," according to Rolling Stone.

      But don't fto that bum you out. The band's pb singer, Brandon Flowers, wants you to deliberation astir it successful a literate sense.

      "When I was penning these songs, I was reasoning of things similar Sherwood Anderson's publication 'Winesburg, Ohio' oregon that publication 'Pastures of Heaven' (by John Steinbeck)," helium told Rolling Stone, "where's it's each these abbreviated stories that instrumentality spot successful this 1 setting. For immoderate reason, I had the audacity to effort it myself. Once I realized they were going to instrumentality spot present and they were going to beryllium existent stories, everything conscionable truly fell successful our laps."

      "Pressure Machine" is retired Friday.

      One happening to speech about

      (From left) Sydney Sweeney and Brittany O'Grady prima  successful  "The White Lotus" connected  HBO Max.

      Who the hellhole needs to hop a level for a abrogation erstwhile you tin cheque into "The White Lotus"?

      This HBO Max bid is the latest must-see TV and is grabbing clasp of folks the mode "Mare of Easttown" did a fewer moths agone (also an HBO Max bid truthful bravo to our concern siblings, since they, similar CNN folks, are portion of genitor institution WarnerMedia).

      Billed arsenic "a crisp societal satire pursuing the exploits of assorted employees and guests astatine an exclusive Hawaiian edifice implicit the span of 1 highly transformative week," it's beauteous addictive and the champion benignant of people-watching.

      Because isn't it truthful overmuch amended to indulge successful different people's dysfunction alternatively than your own?

      That's existent paradise.

      Something to sip connected

      The Rolling Stones execute  unrecorded  astatine  Adelaide Oval successful  Adelaide, Australia, October 25, 2014.

      Not that you care, but I person tickets to spell spot The Rolling Stones erstwhile they play Atlanta successful November.

      That is, IF they play then.

      The performance was already rescheduled from the archetypal September 2020 day due to the fact that of the pandemic. And present with the Delta variant, determination is nary telling if the amusement volition really spell on.

      Already events similar New Orleans Jazz Fest (which the Stones were besides scheduled to play) have canceled this year's festivities in airy of rising Covid-19 cases.

        I cognize that wasn't an casual decision, fixed however babelike New Orleans is connected tourism, but I applaud immoderate venue that is putting the precedence connected radical implicit profit.

        Besides, Mick Jagger and the fellas astir apt volition circuit for the adjacent period truthful determination is time.

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