Burglars ransack home that family was renovating

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MIAMI (CBSMiami) – The Miami-Dade Police Department needs the public’s assistance uncovering 2 brazen burglars caught connected camera.

They broke into a location connected the 800 artifact of 172 Street successful Hialeah wholly clearing retired the property.

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“As soon arsenic I walked successful and I noticed everything gone, it was astir similar a atrocious dream. I felt similar my bosom conscionable sunk to my stomach,” said Isael Prieto, who precocious pursued his imagination home.

He and his household were successful the process of renovating the location and had to determination retired to implicit the work, portion they were gone thieves took advantage.

“They took my toilets, my plumbing fixtures, each my appliances, that were conscionable astir to beryllium installed, my oven, my refrigerator, my vino cooler, beauteous overmuch everything,” added Prieto.

One of the 2 burglars. (Courtesy of Isael Prieto)

And by everything helium means it. They cleared everything out, adjacent taking the ablution heads. The lone happening near were the uninstalled baseboards.

“You consciousness violated that idiosyncratic came successful and took truly conscionable took vantage of your location you consciousness similar they truly betrayed your idiosyncratic space,” added Prieto.

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The crooks tin beryllium seen pulling their car close up to the beforehand doorway past they began moving the items retired but what they didn’t cognize is they were being recorded and it was each caught connected camera.

“They came successful done the backmost model done my maestro bathroom, 1 feline was capable to unfastened the beforehand model and fundamentally boosted the different feline successful and helium opened the French doors,” said Prieto arsenic helium described the surveillance video showing the men successful action.

The 2nd burglar. (Courtesy of Isael Prieto)

Prior to entering the home, the men walked the spot and tin beryllium seen scoping things out. Once wrong the location they unsuccessfully attempted to disconnect the camera system, past took their clip loading container aft box.

The stolen items person an estimated worth of astir $20,000.

“My woman and I enactment hard to effort to bash thing bully for our son. To effort to supply a amended manner for him and bargain a amended location and past you person these scumbags truly instrumentality vantage of your scenario.

The homeowners accidental anterior to the robbery a bluish Ford SUV drove walk the location and flash their lights, signaling the thieves it was clip to start. The motortruck utilized successful the burglary was besides stolen successful Deerfield conscionable hours before.

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Anyone who with accusation astir this burglary is asked to interaction Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers astatine (305) 471-TIPS.

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