Chuck Grassley Argues On The Senate Floor That Trump Has A Right To Plot A Coup

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Standing connected the aforesaid crushed that was attacked connected 1/6, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) claimed connected the Senate level that Trump has a close to crippled a coup.

Chuck Grassley Called Trump’s Coup Plot A Robust Discussion With His Advisors


"The president has each close to sermon ideas & strategies with his closest advisors ... for robust discussion" -- Grassley is talking present astir Trump's attempts to strategy with the DOJ to overthrow a escaped and just predetermination


Grassley said, “The President has each close to sermon ideas and strategies with his closest advisers, whether that president is Democrat(ic) oregon Republican should consciousness unrestrained to bring ideas to his closest unit for robust discussion. Eventually, the facts volition travel out, and Trump volition person to code them, bully oregon atrocious depending connected the facts astatine hand. However, the indispensable question that should beryllium asked is, what was the last decision? And that is my large interest astir the caller nationalist comments coming retired of these interviews I’ve discussed.”

Chuck Grassley Seems To Be Saying That It Is Fine To Plot A Coup As Long As A President Doesn’t Do It.

Sen. Grassley seemed to beryllium suggesting that plotting a coup is conscionable “locker country talk.” Unless the authorities is really overthrown, past it is nary harm, nary foul.

The occupation is that the 1/6 onslaught was much than talk. Trump funded the rally, his White House communicated and coordinated with the attackers, and helium incited the attack.

Trump’s speech of trying to unit the DOJ to overturn the election is portion of a broader plot. His unit connected the DOJ and the 1/6 onslaught are portion of the aforesaid thread, and nary Sen. Grassley, presidents bash not get to crippled coups aft they suffer elections.

That’s not democracy. That’s authoritarianism.

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