Chuck Schumer Is Playing Republicans Like A Fiddle On The Infrastructure Bill

2 months ago 24
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Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told Republicans that they could hold to either walk the infrastructure measure rapidly oregon enactment successful session.

Video of Schumer:

Majority Leader Schumer tells Republicans that determination is an casual mode oregon a hard mode to get the infrastructure measure passed, and if Republicans prime the hard way, summertime abrogation volition beryllium gone.


Schumer told Senate Republicans:

Democrats are precise anxious to commencement voting connected further amendments, but we request consent from the enclosure to docket those amendment votes. We worked each time Thursday to travel to an statement with our Republican colleagues connected specified a package, but unfortunately, were not capable to.

So we tin get this done the casual mode oregon the hard way. In either case, the Senate volition enactment successful league until we decorativeness our work. It’s up to my Republican colleagues however agelong it takes.

To enactment it different way, Schumer is consenting to support the Senate successful league each done their scheduled August interruption if that is what it takes to get the infrastructure bills passed.

Sen. Schumer is making a precise tricky process look casual by not allowing Republicans to enactment retired and derail the dependable advancement of authorities that will present a large triumph to President Biden.

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