CNN’s Juliette Kayyem Says It’s Time to Ban Unvaccinated People From Airplanes

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Despite a monolithic contented with the Delta variant, galore radical are inactive deciding against getting vaccinated. And galore of these individuals unrecorded successful reddish states and get their quality from Fox.

A fig of Conservative politicians and media members person encouraged this behavior. And arsenic of now, determination are fewer consequences for those who person refused to get their shot.

Juliette Kayyem thinks it’s clip for that to travel to an end. The CNN pundit laid retired her reasoning successful a caller file and during a podcast appearance.

Laying retired her thought to prohibition the unvaccinated from aerial travel, Kayyem told The Interview podcast, “There’s nary specified happening arsenic a national mandate. But the national authorities tin usage carrots and sticks and and privileges and burdens. And 1 of the areas wherever it tin bash that is evidently connected hose question due to the fact that the US authorities sets the rules and conditions for it.”

The erstwhile Obama staffer continued:

“I deliberation utilizing those levers to request the close behaviour is wholly due astatine this signifier alternatively than the load being imposed connected the majority. You fto individuals find their hazard level erstwhile your baseline is vaccines. The authorities is conscionable benignant of wishing that radical would instrumentality vaccines, similar present we person to marque it hurt, wounded successful presumption of a load to not instrumentality vaccines.”

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