Cornes calls on AFL to scrap polarising new rule

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Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes has urged the AFL to scrap the pre-finals bye for good, saying it is 1 of 2 rules that request to beryllium fixed the footwear aft this season.

The AFL is weighing up scrapping the pre-finals bye week arsenic it aims to implicit the play without a stoppage amid COVID-19 outbreaks successful aggregate states crossed Australia.

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Cornes said the bye arsenic good arsenic the polarising 'stand' connected the people rule, a regularisation brought successful this season, request to beryllium abolished for bully from adjacent play onward.

"There are 2 things that we ne'er request to spot again pursuing this play - 1 is the basal rule, got to go, don't privation to spot it again, the different is the pre-finals bye," helium told Nine's AFL Sunday Footy Show.

"The vantage that it doesn't springiness teams that decorativeness successful the apical four, peculiarly this twelvemonth if they don't person location crushed advantage, what's the inducement to decorativeness apical four?

This year's AFL expansive last could travel aft a week's interruption betwixt preliminary last play (Getty)

"So scrap the bye, person it successful the lead-up to the expansive final, observe it, get the teams caller and acceptable to spell for a large expansive final.

"We don't request a bye earlier the finals commencement and I anticipation we ne'er ever spot it again."

While helium called for the pre-finals bye to beryllium scrapped, Cornes advocated for a bye week betwixt the preliminary last play and the expansive last weekend.

"I'm good with 1 anterior to the expansive final, akin to what they bash successful the Super Bowl," helium said.

"You tin person each the awards play then, you tin get a subordinate who has concussion for lawsuit helium whitethorn beryllium capable to travel backmost and get the champion availability for the expansive last but we don't request it successful the lead-up to the finals."

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