Crews try to conserve bees at a West Omaha home

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - In West Omaha, a location connected Dorcas Street has immoderate unwanted tenants surviving successful their home.

“His woman had bees successful the partition and didn’t cognize precisely what was going connected truthful helium gave maine a call,” said Mike Dyer.

But alternatively of trying to get escaped of the bees for good, they’re utilizing a antithetic method.

“A unrecorded bee removal. Trying to support bees live alternatively than having them exterminated,” said Tony Sandoval.

Because bees service an important role.

“You hatred to destruct them. Because they bash truthful overmuch for the situation and there’s ever idiosyncratic retired determination that tin help,” said Dyer.

They commencement with calming the colony with a bee smoker and past commencement cautiously tearing down immoderate siding from the house.

So far, the bees person stayed calm.

“As I ticker these bees, their behaviour has been excellent. It shows truly bully genetics, they’re precise calm,” said Sandoval.

This radical of radical has a premix of experiences. Tony has been a beekeeper for much than a decade.

Father and girl Mike and Danielle Dyer are doing this for the archetypal time.

“I’ve ne'er really helped region bees, but I bash support bees. Danielle and I support bees and person a mates of beehives astatine our house,” said Dyer.

It’s a bully mode for them to larn astir bee removal and person immoderate father-daughter time.

“My sisters got to bash immoderate of the activities with him truthful I missed retired connected it. And um now, that helium started it up again, it’s large we got to bash it unneurotic and acquisition it with each other,” said Danielle Dyer.

But the bees were discovered to beryllium much than conscionable underneath the wood. They whitethorn besides beryllium wrong the house.

This volition beryllium a multi-day project.

“When we’re trying to out-think the bees, we aren’t sometimes arsenic astute arsenic a colony and the acquisition volition amusement we’re not ever arsenic astute arsenic bees.”

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