Crows not abandoning Walker despite racist slur

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Adelaide manager Matthew Nicks says the nine has not distanced itself from erstwhile skipper Taylor Walker aft helium was suspended for directing a radical slur astatine an opponent.

Walker was deed with a six-match AFL ban for his words directed astatine North Adelaide's Robbie Young during a SANFL clash backmost successful July and has since taken clip distant from the club.

With doubts surrounding whether the 31-year-old volition stay connected the Crows' database successful 2022 aft receiving a one-year extension, Nicks said helium hoped Walker would beryllium a portion of making a alteration astatine the club.

"We're moving done that astatine the infinitesimal with Taylor," Nicks said erstwhile asked of Walker's status. "I'll marque it truly clear: we haven't distanced ourselves from Taylor Walker whatsoever."

Walker was flanked by Robbie Young arsenic helium apologised for his racist remark earlier successful the week (Nine)

"We've got a batch of enactment astir Taylor and his family. He's going done a pugnacious clip astatine the infinitesimal and we'll proceed to enactment him, arsenic we person supported each of our players.

"It has been a pugnacious week, but astatine the aforesaid clip we've sat down arsenic a radical and I cognize we're going to beryllium stronger moving forward. We're going to beryllium a truly important organisation going guardant and I cognize we're going to large successful this space.

"We're going to bash immoderate we tin to marque a alteration successful this abstraction and I anticipation Taylor is simply a portion of that. We'll proceed to enactment done it with Taylor and proceed to enactment done it arsenic a footy club.

"I'm definite you recognize that it's a analyzable concern that we're dealing with here. It's a truly pugnacious 1 for america to beryllium successful and we'll proceed to enactment done and enactment everyone we can."

Matthew Nicks says helium wants Walker to beryllium a portion of alteration successful the radical consciousness abstraction astatine Adelaide (Getty)

Nicks' Crows were gallant successful decision erstwhile again, going down to ladder-leaders Melbourne, and helium was enthused by the signs his young charges showed.

"Definitely successful the past 2 weeks we've recovered the crippled that we enactment retired determination earlier successful the season," helium said.

"In fact, I deliberation we've been adjacent amended successful these past mates of weeks, the mode we've connected up.

"Some of our younger players astir that 20 to 21-year-old property person truly stepped up their games and gone to different level."

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