Deadly flooding hits Brazil, killing at least 18 and displacing thousands

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(CNN)Heavy flooding has near astatine slightest 18 radical dormant and much than 280 injured successful the northeast portion of Brazil, officials say.

The floods person affected astir 40 cities passim the authorities of Bahia, Gov. Rui Costa told reporters successful the metropolis of Ilheus, 1 of the worst-hit.

"This is simply a monolithic tragedy. I can't retrieve seeing thing similar this successful Bahia's caller history, fixed the magnitude of cities and houses involved. It's genuinely terrifying, determination are truthful galore houses and streets that are wholly nether water," Costa said.

    An aerial presumption    of floods successful  the metropolis  of Itapetinga connected  December 26.

    More than 35,000 radical person been forced from their homes, according to Bahia's civilian defence and extortion agency.

      The Duas Ilhas dam ruptured successful the Brazilian metropolis of Jussiape connected Sunday, rising already swollen rivers and flooding surrounding areas.

      Jussiape's Mayor Eder Aguiar blamed clime alteration for the devastation. "We cognize rainfall tin beryllium seen arsenic a blessing from God but that owed to the ecological imbalance that we, quality beings, person caused, determination tin beryllium excessively overmuch of it, causing superior damage," Aguiar said.

      "With large sadness, I was capable to witnesser the rupture of the Duas Ilhas dam, our town's main root of potable water. This caused a abrupt level emergence of the Contas river, causing streets successful our metropolis to go flooded," helium added.

      Duas Ilhas dam was the 2nd to burst successful 2 days. A dam successful the metropolis of Itambé, besides successful Bahia, ruptured precocious Saturday.

      Brazil's meteorological and earthy catastrophe monitoring agencies pass determination is simply a hazard of further floods and landslides successful Bahia, with the anticipation of rainfall continuing until astatine slightest Tuesday, according to Agencia Brasil.

      CNN meteorologist Robert Shackelford says the Brazil National Institute of Meteorology has issued dense rainfall alerts for astir each of Bahia. Conditions are expected to amended successful the authorities Monday and Tuesday, helium said.

      "Widespread rainfall for the adjacent 48 hours is improving slightly, with overmuch of the authorities seeing up to 50mm, but determination are section and isolated areas wherever up to 100 mm is possible."

        Most of the large cities that person been deed by flooding are successful their rainy season, truthful downpours are not unusual, Shackelford said.

        "For Itambé, December is their wettest month, which they get astir 120 mm of rainfall for the period of December. So they are forecast to get astir two-thirds of a period of rainfall passim this event," helium said.

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