Democrats Mourn The Sudden Passing Of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

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Democrats are mourning the decease of larger-than-life AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka who abruptly passed distant astatine property 72.

Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had tears successful his eyes arsenic helium announced Trumka’s passing connected the Senate floor:

An affectional Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer tearfully announces the decease of AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka connected Senate floor: “It’s conscionable horrible quality … we person conscionable mislaid a giant, and we request him so.”


In a connection provided to PolitcusUSA, Speaker of the House Pelosi said:

The Congress and Country are shocked and heartbroken by the passing of an unsurpassed titan of labor: Richard Trumka.  Personally and officially, I americium greatly saddened by his passing, which is simply a large nonaccomplishment for the men and women of labor, and indeed, for each hard-working Americans.

Richard Trumka dedicated his beingness to the labour question and the close to organize, from his enactment arsenic an lawyer for the United Mine Workers of America to his decades-long enactment of the AFL-CIO.  Richard’s enactment transcended a azygous movement, arsenic helium fought with rule and persistence to support the dignity of each idiosyncratic – whether speaking retired against apartheid and favoritism overseas oregon warring bigotry and racism present astatine home.  His courageousness successful speaking information to powerfulness made a quality for millions and made him a cherished state successful our ngo to beforehand the health, fiscal information and well-being of moving families.

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) said successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA, “I americium heartbroken to larn of the decease of my beloved person Richard Trumka. Rich’s communicative is the American communicative – helium was the lad and grandson of Italian and Polish immigrants and began his vocation mining coal. He ne'er forgot wherever helium came from. He dedicated the remainder of his vocation to warring for America’s moving men and women. He was a fierce advocator for moving radical and a genuinely decent man. Most importantly, helium was a devoted husband, begetter and grandfather. Gayle and I volition support Barbara, Rich Jr. and the galore radical who loved Rich successful our prayers arsenic they mourn this tragic loss.”

At A Time When Labor Could Be Poised For A Comeback, America Needs Richard Trumka

As America rebuilds and revives portion inactive warring the pandemic, the labour question could beryllium poised for a comeback. With Democrats controlling the Legislative and Executive branches fortify unions is simply a portion of Joe Biden’s physique backmost amended program to fortify the mediate class.

It is unfortunate that Trumka didn’t unrecorded to spot labor’s imaginable comeback, but his enactment volition spell on, and each of the radical who learned from him volition pb the labour question into the future.

If labour revives that volition beryllium Richard Trumka’s defining legacy.

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