Destiny 2's Osiris And Saint-14 Crash Stardew Valley With This Mod

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Stardew Valley is the epitome of a relaxing game. Do your chores, interact with those successful the village, bask the soothing soundtrack; there's a batch to love. As the resident Destiny 2 obsessor, however, I would beryllium amiss if I didn't stock this adorable small Stardew Valley mod that I stumbled connected that brings small sprite versions of Osiris and Saint-14 from the Destiny-verse into the simulator game.

As seen successful the representation above, determination are the fully-armored versions of some characters, and past determination are much simplified looks, including Saint's Exo form. Now, you whitethorn beryllium wondering: "Liana, you usually constitute much analyzable mods than this; wherefore Destiny sprites?" Well, beloved reader, gladsome you asked! With Season of the Splicer coming to a close, each signs are seemingly pointing astatine Osiris being taken implicit by Savathun, an past force that is arsenic cunning arsenic she is dangerous. What that means for Osiris arsenic himself remains to beryllium seen, but I can't assistance but beryllium a small overly acrophobic astir what this means for some him and Saint, namely due to the fact that Saint is his romanticist spouse and the 2 person been done much than capable already. So this? This gives maine a small happiness implicit the cuteness and a much-needed balm for that Destiny worry. 

It's beauteous casual to usage but similar astir mods, it is for PC only. While determination are immoderate console mods retired there, that assemblage is inactive precise overmuch unsupported extracurricular of Bethesda. While determination are workarounds, astir mods we screen volition beryllium for PC players only, arsenic they are much readily available, casual to test, and tally nary hazard of breaking your sytsem. For the fewer we person covered that person been disposable connected console, we'll marque definite to enactment that for convenience specially. 

Interested successful bringing a small Destiny into your Stardew experience? You tin get this mod close here. You tin besides cheque retired immoderate of our different large mod recommendations below: 

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