'Dodgy calls' leave Dragons coach fuming

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Dragons manager Anthony Griffin has taken purpose astatine the officials, claiming his broadside was connected the incorrect extremity of immoderate "dodgy calls" during St George Illawarra's 34-16 nonaccomplishment to Penrith.

During the 2nd fractional with the crippled inactive successful the balance, Penrith's Matt Burton crossed implicit for a effort that appeared to travel connected the backmost of a enarthrosis complaint from Nathan Cleary, which had forced a turnover from Dragons fullback Jack Bird.

And portion it looked arsenic if Bird mislaid power of the shot owed to an amerciable changeable by Cleary, referee Ben Cummins allowed play to continue, which resulted successful the effort to Burton moments later.

Griffin, aft the game, fumed astatine the determination and questioned however the play was allowed to proceed and effect successful a people for the Panthers.

"I thought each nighttime we came astatine the crippled beauteous well, but the intercept is evidently a monolithic 12-point turnaround — they were beauteous bully a mates of times, but I thought the scoreline was a spot pugnacious connected us," helium said.

Was determination a enarthrosis complaint from Nathan Cleary connected Jack Bird?

"They conscionable got their points a small casual astatine times and a mates of dodgy calls there, peculiarly Cleary's enarthrosis complaint connected Jack Bird.

"How that gets awarded a try, I don't know. It was a clear-cut enarthrosis charge, that's the 1 they brought the regularisation successful for, wherever you don't usage your arms."

The Dragons manager besides made peculiar notation of his winger Mikaele Ravalawa, who connected a fig of occasions this play has been suspended for enarthrosis complaint incidents.

"Mikaele Ravalawa has had 3 suspensions this twelvemonth for hitting blokes astir the belly fastener and not utilizing his arms," helium added.

Burton and Edwards harvester for a stunner

"That's a try-scoring spot of imaginativeness that they tin spell backmost and watch, truthful I don't cognize however they wide that. It's a monolithic play, it's six points against the tally of play and that benignant of unluckily our night.

"We came present and played a existent high-intensity 80 minutes, but intercepts and a mates of calls similar that marque it hard.

"The biggest disappointment for me, and for my players and the club, is however that effort gets allowed.

"I privation to cognize wherefore that's not a enarthrosis charge."

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