Dogs 'disappointed' at leaked celebration video

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Western Bulldogs manager Luke Beveridge has expressed his vexation aft a video of his players celebrating their preliminary last triumph was leaked connected societal media.

The Bulldogs booked their summons to the expansive last with an unthinkable 71-point upset triumph implicit Port Adelaide past weekend aft being fertile underdogs successful the lead-up.

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Following the match, a video surfaced connected societal media of raucous scenes wrong the Bulldogs' rooms arsenic the players danced to 90s popular deed Freed from Desire, a opus that has go fashionable among English shot fans.

While the video was met with a batch of affirmative absorption from the shot world, Beveridge was not impressed with idiosyncratic from the interior sanctum sharing what was expected to beryllium a backstage celebration.

Beveridge says helium is disappointed a video of the players' locker country solemnisation was shared connected societal media (Getty)

"I'm not upset, but we're disappointed," Beveridge said.

"Phones shouldn't beryllium utilized to grounds our subordinate successful the dressing country and decidedly shouldn't beryllium sent to anyone. Has it caused immoderate untold problems? No.

"I'm OK with radical knowing that erstwhile we execute a small milestone, erstwhile we make a important representation connected our timeline, that we observe it.

"The crippled can't beryllium excessively clinical, we've got marque definite we bask the times unneurotic and that helps you for your adjacent challenge."

The Bulldogs person easy clocked up the astir question clip during this post-season, travelling from Melbourne to Tasmania, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia and Beveridge said his players were entitled to fto their hairsbreadth down.

Beveridge believes the Dogs' group, led by skipper Marcus Bontempelli, is entitled to observe (Getty)

"I consciousness like, led by Marcus [Bontempelli], aggregate lieutenants and players displaying enactment successful our club, we are successful a mature-enough spot to beryllium capable to bash these sorts of things," Beveridge said connected Thursday.

"There's a batch astatine involvement for everyone, absolutely. But it's reasonably casual to condone that that's going to beryllium OK, let's person a mid-strength brew I mightiness add, it's OK to bash that and observe together.

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"One oregon 2 beers aft the crippled is not going to impact things excessively much.

"It's wherever we've got to, not that we haven't done it successful the past, and it is an important portion of our situation and make-up and an facet of what we bash that means our players bask playing for our footy club."

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