'Emotional' Betts' powerful response to AFL scandal

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Carlton seasoned and Indigenous prima Eddie Betts has delivered a almighty plea amid a fig of incidents involving racism wrong the AFL.

Betts' plea comes aft a week which saw Adelaide Crows prima guardant Taylor Walker handed a six-match ban for a radical slur made during a SANFL contention past month. In caller weeks Port Adelaide defender Aliir Aliir, Saints prima Bradley Hill and Richmond's Matty Parker were each subjected to racist attacks connected societal media.

The 34-year-old unluckily is nary alien to racism having been astatine the centre of a fig of vile attacks and has agelong been a dependable down the combat to stamp retired racism wrong the AFL.

Betts appeared connected Fox Footy's AFL 360 past nighttime wherever helium spoke astir the affectional symptom and wounded racism has caused him and different Indigenous stars passim their careers.

"It's been hard, to beryllium honest," helium told AFL 360. "It's been truly pugnacious to woody with particularly erstwhile it comes to racism. I've been dealing with this my full life, my parent has, my begetter has, and it's tiring. It hurts, it's draining … it really truly hurts to beryllium honest.

Eddie Betts (Getty)

"I'm starting to get affectional astir it conscionable talking astir it here. Everything that's happened implicit the past 48 hours to the past week, it's been hard. I conscionable request everyone to spell connected a travel and commencement educating and commencement those conversations. Taylor Walker's going connected his travel astatine the infinitesimal and I cognize what benignant of idiosyncratic Taylor Walker is and I cognize he'll support to his word. He'll bash this to 110 per cent.

"It conscionable hurts. And you person to look astatine it, past nighttime Kossie Pickett getting racially abused again implicit successful Western Australia. I was racially abused past week and the week earlier – I don't cognize if you saw my communicative successful The Age – it conscionable keeps happening.

"I'm sick of it. I'm sick of fighting. It's draining. I've been connected this amusement pouring my bosom retired begging, hoping Australia would perceive and it's hard. We request to commencement having those conversations successful the workplace, successful the schooling. The lone mode we're going to enactment unneurotic is erstwhile we commencement educating ourselves.

"I can't bash it, I can't, it's hard. And I request everyone, I request you guys, I request the radical astatine location contiguous watching this. You guys that are sitting astatine location connected the couch, you guys are going to beryllium the ones with the almighty dependable here, you guys are going to beryllium the ones to marque change. Because I can't support doing it.

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"You perceive maine speaking astir it twelvemonth aft twelvemonth aft twelvemonth and nothing's going to change, truthful it's up to you guys to marque change. You guys connected the couches, commencement having those conversations astatine home, commencement it with your friends and your family. Call retired racism erstwhile you spot it due to the fact that determination is nary country for racism successful Australia. And we arsenic Aboriginal radical and Torres Strait Islander radical are sick of fighting. We are. We're sick of warring due to the fact that it conscionable keeps happening and happening and happening and I'm tired, I honestly am. I said to a batch of the Indigenous boys that it's getting to me.

"And I'll support warring nary substance what, nary substance however affectional I get, nary substance however drained I am, I'll fight. I'll combat for my people, I'll combat for the adjacent procreation of young Aboriginal kids who travel successful to play AFL footy to marque this a harmless spot for america to travel and bask the crippled we love. I don't cognize however galore times though that I've got to beforehand up and speech astir it, combat astir it. We request the remainder of Australia to basal up, to fight, to stamp it out, due to the fact that determination is nary country for racism successful Australia."

Adelaide Crows prima Taylor Walker. (Getty)

Betts revealed helium has spoken to Walker, his erstwhile Adelaide teammate, and said he's assured the erstwhile Crows skipper volition "educate himself" and go a amended person.

"Yeah, we person [spoken]," Betts said.

"Taylor has called me, but that's our speech to person and, similar I said, Taylor's connected a journey.

"I cognize Taylor and he'll spell connected this travel 100 per cent and he'll amended himself and he'll amended radical astir him."

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