Fittler claims Burton 'undercut' on Bulldogs deal

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Rugby league large Brad Fittler has called for the NRL to overhaul its existent signing system, labelling it "utterly ridiculous".

Current NRL rules let players to motion with rival teams a twelvemonth retired from their contracts coming to an end.

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Penrith's Matt Burton and Melbourne's Josh Addo-Carr are 2 players to person done this, some agreeing to deals with the Canterbury Bulldogs from 2022 onwards, but remaining with their existent clubs for the 2021 season.

Fittler said Burton had "undercut himself" by agreeing to a two-year woody with the Bulldogs past year, anterior to a stellar 2021 play which could've seen him bid a much lucrative deal.

"I bask the mid-year swaps and there's a play for that. Players signing a twelvemonth out, I find utterly ridiculous," Fittler told Wide World of Sports' Freddy and the Eighth.

Fittler believes Matt Burton outgo himself superior wealth by agreeing to a woody with the Bulldogs anterior to this play (Getty)

"Other than serving a manager well, I deliberation it's ridiculous. I conscionable can't spot immoderate payment for anyone. It doesn't assistance fans, it doesn't assistance clubs, it mightiness assistance managers, it doesn't truly assistance players that much.

"This is simply a large illustration wherever he's halved his money. [Gus] volition look aft him due to the fact that he's going to beryllium the marquee player.

"He's undercut himself. I deliberation the full strategy needs to beryllium shook up. It's ridiculous you tin motion a twelvemonth retired and play, I conscionable can't spot it benefitting anyone. Give maine immoderate excuse you privation to accidental that it works, and it's not going to wear."

When questioned astir Burton's Bulldogs deal, newly-installed Canterbury shot boss, Phil Gould, suggested the 21-year-old would beryllium looked after.

"What I volition accidental is that I've ne'er ever, ever successful my beingness had a subordinate underpaid astatine immoderate nine I've been that. They've ne'er been underpaid, whether they're connected declaration oregon not," helium told Nine's 100% Footy this week.

New Bulldogs shot brag Phil Gould suggested that Burton volition beryllium looked aft adjacent play and beyond (Getty)

Burton has gone from spot to spot this play for Penrith, peculiarly successful the lack of skipper Nathan Cleary, impressing some Fittler and chap league large Andrew Johns.

"He's shown again, not lone did helium bring a show similar that with the Roosters, helium besides did it against Melbourne without Nathan, he's done it a mates of times without immoderate of the big-name players there," Fittler said.

"He's shown that not lone tin helium complement the squad and play halfway and people tries, [he tin star]."

"I didn't cognize helium was this bully a player," Johns added.

"I watched him successful little grades and I thought helium was a truly bully game-manager, helium had a truly bully kicking game, but I didn't spot this velocity and evasion and attack. He is conscionable genuinely elite."

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