Fittler fed up with anti-expansion 'excuses'

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NSW Blues manager Brad Fittler has supported Rabbitohs manager Wayne Bennett successful urging the NRL to propulsion done with enlargement plans, contempt the immense interaction of COVID-19 connected the sport.

Three Brisbane teams - the Firehawks, Jets and Dolphins - are each are vying to beryllium added to the contention and are acceptable to enactment guardant their last bid submissions to the NRL and ARL Commission president Peter V'Landys successful the adjacent mates of weeks.

South Sydney manager Bennett was vocal successful backing the determination adjacent though nine bosses person warned it whitethorn not beryllium the close clip for enlargement aft the important fiscal deed the crippled has had successful the past twelvemonth and a fractional owed to the pandemic.

Wayne Bennett during a Queensland Maroons grooming league past twelvemonth (Getty)

Bennett unapologetically flagged his involvement successful taking connected a relation arsenic manager with 1 of the caller teams, and accused different nine bosses of being self-serving successful not wanting it to spell ahead.

"I'm honestly assured capable if I had an accidental to manager that squad and if it did hap that I could enactment a beauteous palmy squad unneurotic beauteous quickly, with a spot of assistance from different people," Bennett said this week.

"The players are retired there, the occupation is simply a batch of coaches aren't getting the champion retired of the players they've got. I don't fearfulness immoderate of that astatine all. From a idiosyncratic constituent of view, from a crippled constituent of presumption that I've been progressive successful each my life, I deliberation it's the adjacent happening for america to do."

League fable Peter Sterling wanted a spot much caution with expanding the contention though.

"I'm not definite [it's the close clip to expand] due to the fact that we're going done specified a hard clip now; the crippled is going done specified a hard time," helium said connected Nine's Sunday Footy Show.

"Expansion, I tin recognize conscionable consecutive up [if] they said this is thing that needs to beryllium pushed back, but it'll travel down to finances and whether this is simply a viable proposition not conscionable for 2 to 3 years time, but 10 and 20 and 30 years time.

"Wayne is talking personally that yes, helium would beryllium progressive successful 1 of those teams. He's much talking on the lines of determination is capable endowment retired there, but I deliberation it conscionable comes down to whether the crippled tin enactment it present and whether we are much inclined to stabilise the crippled successful wide aft the past 18 months we've endured and past look to expand."

But similar Bennett, Fittler was adamant the clip was right, and said helium was fed up with excuses erstwhile determination is specified a immense accidental successful Queensland especially.

"I'm a fan. I deliberation they should [expand now]. I deliberation determination decidedly has to beryllium different squad successful Brisbane," helium said connected the Sunday Footy Show.

"You privation to spell down the enactment of releasing a team, that's a beauteous gutsy play astatine this signifier considering what's gone connected truthful I don't deliberation they'd spell that way, but I deliberation decidedly determination needs to beryllium a 2nd squad successful Brisbane.

Brisbane Firehawks (Twitter)

"A batch of radical look astatine immoderate of the clubs that didn't work, but Melbourne worked, we went to Brisbane, that worked, we went to Newcastle, that worked, we went to Canberra, that worked - they were each enlargement teams. It's not arsenic though it can't enactment and I'm with Wayne Bennett that if you get the close structures successful spot and the close radical progressive past it tin work.

"Regardless [of the timing], I conscionable deliberation wherefore support putting disconnected the timing? We find ways not to bash it erstwhile if it's done decently it tin beryllium a immense success. We cognize that Brisbane marketplace is monolithic for our game. We're each crying a small spot erstwhile Brisbane aren't going good due to the fact that the crippled suffers done ratings and each sorts of things due to the fact that radical up determination enactment the crippled truthful much.

"Let's backmost them."

Former NSW Blues skipper Paul Gallen challenged Fittler astir rushing an further Brisbane squad prematurely, which risks hurting the crippled if they don't succeed.

However Fittler said that contention needs to beryllium encouraged, not shied distant from.

"Make them compete. Make the players accountable not lone to their teammates... but marque them vie with different squad up there," the erstwhile Panthers and Roosters prima said.

"I thrust astir and spot these players connected billboards and they don't truly merit to beryllium connected billboards astatine the moment. If they person to vie for that firm dollar, if they person to past they'll amended their footy.

"I can't spot wherefore we support making excuses that it can't work... I look astatine the positives. There needs to beryllium 2 teams successful Brisbane. There needs to beryllium a crippled astatine Suncorp each week. It's a large facility, radical emotion going there, they'll ticker ant races there. It's specified a bully spot to ticker immoderate sport.

"We support looking astatine reasons not to bash it, we request to look astatine reasons wherefore we request to it."

Gallen was simply not convinced the apical rugby league endowment excavation is determination to tract different NRL squad that tin vie for the premiership.

"I don't deliberation there's capable playing talent. You person a look astatine the discrepancy successful games this year. I mean Parramatta are coming 5th oregon sixth and get 50 points enactment connected them by Manly," the ex-Sharks skipper said.

"I don't deliberation there's capable playing endowment successful the crippled to grow and person different squad - that's different 35 players you've got to find. It dilutes the existent endowment that we've got and you look astatine immoderate of the teams down the bottommost of the ladder, I don't spot you uncovering different 30 players from them that tin vie with the Melbourne Storm oregon the Penrith Panthers. I conscionable don't deliberation there's capable talent."

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