Former Tennessee Medical Official: White, Rural Males Won’t Get Vaccinated Because They Think It Would Make the Left Happy

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Donald Trump truly wanted to get the recognition for vaccines hitting the state wrong a twelvemonth of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the aforesaid time, the erstwhile president’s astir ardent supporters are the ones who are frankincense acold avoiding getting their shots.

As a result, the states wherever Trump got his highest ballot counts are the states having the toughest clip with the Delta variant. During an quality connected PBS, Dr. Michelle Fiscus explained that galore are doing truthful to “own the libs.”

The doctor, who was fired by Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, began, “But I deliberation the different happening successful Tennessee, and I deliberation successful a batch of our Southern states that’s happening, is this ideology that if you get this vaccine, you’re someway placating the near portion of the governmental spectrum. Our astir hesitant colonisation successful Tennessee is the white, male, agrarian conservatives.”

Fiscus continued, “They consciousness that if they get the vaccine, past they person placated the near oregon done what the Biden medication wants them to do.”

The authorities of Tennessee is presently experiencing a unspeakable surge of the Delta variant. Governor Bill Lee doesn’t look to attraction astatine all, though. When asked astir mitigation efforts, Lee told reporters, “I don’t deliberation that’s the relation of government. The relation of authorities is to marque it disposable and to promote radical to get the vaccine.”

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