FTC warns of phishing scams over unemployment benefits

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The scam messages effort to person you to participate your Social Security fig and different idiosyncratic info astatine a website masquerading arsenic your state's workforce agency.


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Scammers are present targeting radical who person filed for unemployment security done a phishing run designed to seizure delicate information. In a warning posted connected Wednesday, the FTC warned of a caller bid of deceptive substance messages and emails that pb you to websites spoofing your state's workforce agency.

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The messages effort to person you to click connected a nexus to "make indispensable corrections" to your unemployment security claim, "verify" your idiosyncratic information, oregon "reactivate" your UI benefits account. The resulting website looks similar 1 for an actual workforce agency, which is disposable successful each authorities successful the U.S. to supply assistance for occupation seekers, employers, and those looking for unemployment benefits.

The phony tract asks you to participate your website relationship credentials and definite idiosyncratic accusation specified arsenic your Social Security fig and driver's licence number. The scammers who successfully get specified information tin usage it to record fraudulent unemployment benefits arsenic good arsenic behaviour different types of individuality theft.


Image: FTC

Scammers are each excessively blessed to people radical erstwhile they're astatine their astir vulnerable, knowing that they whitethorn beryllium much apt to instrumentality the bait. That surely applies to those who are retired of enactment and request unemployment security to tide them over.

"As we proceed to enactment our mode done the pandemic and associated issues, unemployment security has go much and much important to radical incapable to enactment erstwhile jobs that lucifer their skills are not available," said KnowBe4security consciousness advocator Erich Kron. "With the caller emergence successful cases, owed to the Delta variant and different factors, accent levels proceed to emergence for radical impacted. This makes them premier candidates for attacks specified arsenic this, which endanger their lone root of income."

To support yourself from this benignant of scam, the FTC stresses that authorities agencies bash not nonstop emails oregon messages seeking idiosyncratic information. If you person an unsolicited email oregon substance connection that appears to beryllium from your authorities workforce agency, don't respond oregon click connected immoderate links. If you're unsure astir the legitimacy of a message, interaction your local authorities workforce agency directly.

Further, anyone looking for accusation connected an unemployment assertion should motion successful straight astatine their state's unemployment security portal to spot if determination are immoderate updates.

You tin besides study a suspicious substance oregon email to the FTC astatine its Report Fraud site and to the National Center for Disaster Fraud by completing an NCDF Complaint Form oregon by calling 866-720-5721. If you deliberation you whitethorn person already been the unfortunate of specified a scam, sojourn the FTC's Identity Theft site to record a report.

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