Full Trailer For Canceled Duke Nukem Prequel From Gearbox Surfaces

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A trailer has surfaced for the canceled Duke Nukem prequel from Gearbox, a rubric that ne'er saw the airy of time over ineligible disputes surrounding the quality himself. Though the Duke Nukem crippled was canned, that hasn't stopped it from sprouting up a fewer times implicit the years. This time, however, is simply a afloat trailer that shows disconnected what could person been. 

The video astatine the apical of the nonfiction shows what the setup would person looked similar for Nukem's prequel story. Called Duke Nukem Begins, the root communicative was meant to soma retired what we knew astir the Duke himself, but unfortunately, it couldn't ascent its mode retired of improvement hell. The trailer for the canceled game, directed by Gregor Punchats, shows disconnected a afloat communicative connection for the prequel. He has shared tidbits of this precise aforesaid video successful the past, astir precocious successful 2019, but present helium has decided to stock it successful its entirety with the world. 

"In 2008, erstwhile I was moving for the bully folks astatine Janimation successful Dallas Tx, we were hired by Gearbox to make a vertical portion (an animated mentation of what the crippled volition look like) for the crippled Duke Nukem Begins, a Duke root story," reads the trailer's authoritative statement from Punchatz. 

He has leaked pieces of this canned crippled a fewer times for 1 elemental reason: helium is arrogant of it. He has stated successful the past that helium hopes that these leaks could perchance make capable involvement that imaginable it could beryllium revisited. Whether that happens oregon not remains to beryllium seen, but it would beryllium bully to spot 'ol Duke backmost successful action. An origins communicative could besides beryllium conscionable the happening needed to provide a meatier backstory to the character, possibly adjacent giving him capable propulsion into a caller procreation of gaming. 

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