George Conway Calls For An Immediate Federal Criminal Investigation Of Trump’s Coup

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George Conway argued that erstwhile failed president Trump tried to marque national employees prosecute successful governmental enactment illegally, and the DOJ needs to motorboat a transgression investigation.

George Conway Lays Out Why The DOJ Should Be Investigating Trump’s Coup


George Conway calls for a transgression probe into Trump's attempted coup, "The Justice Department if it hasn't already, should statesman a transgression investigation."


Conway said connected MSNBC’s Morning, Joe:

There are a fig of provisions that could use to this conduct. There is simply a conspiracy to defraud the United States, 18 us c-section 371, which is what the special counsel wrote and helium used the complaint the Russian Internet Research Agency. There is 18 usc 610 which is my personal favourite successful this situation. Because it seems to casual to apply, which is the criminal provision of the Hatch Act and what that statute provides is that the, it sham beryllium unlawful for anybody and that would include the President Of The United States to coerce or attempts to coerce a federal employee into engaging into political activity. 

What that would mean is that if Donald Trump had directed or tried to coerce an acting tomorrow Rosen to walking down Pennsylvania Avenue with a Trump 2020 flag, that would person been criminal. Here this was overmuch worse. He was attempting to coerce the Department Of Justice, Rosen into engaging successful what was a purely governmental act, precisely because they had told the president determination was nary interests of the United States successful this, that determination was nary illegality, there was nary instrumentality enforcement function to beryllium performed by the justice section and he, then Donald Trump went connected to basically say, conscionable accidental it, say it, marque this statement. You know, that was each arsenic you point retired conscionable for political purposes it was for political purposes to power the political branches, the Congress to overturn the predetermination to provide, power the what the states were doing. And that again a purely political act. 

Coerced by the President Of The United States, who by the mode as these reports marque wide was basically threatening Rosen with remove and substitution by Jeffrey Clark. The feline who was really trying to, who was basically conspiring with the president to overturn the election. And that’s coercion.  And it fits this statute similar a glove, and if hasn’t already Justice Department, I cognize determination is an inspector general investigation, should statesman acriminalinvestigation. Because determination is capable predication for specified investigation. 

The 1/6 Committee May Force A DOJ Investigation Into Trump’s Coup

Conway makes a compelling statement for wherefore determination needs to beryllium a transgression probe astatine the national level of Trump’s coup attempts. If the DOJ isn’t already criminally investigating Trump, the 1/6 Committee could unit their hand. The committee volition person the quality to marque referrals for transgression charges.

The nationalist does not cognize if the DOJ is investigating Trump, but the grounds is overwhelming that Trump tried a brushed coup wrong the administration, and erstwhile that failed, helium incited the January 6 onslaught connected the Capitol.

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