Gus' stunning takedown of Eels after belting

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Rugby league icon Phil Gould has dropped 2 crushing world checks connected the Eels and weighed successful connected wherefore Parramatta cannot vie with the apical sides successful the NRL.

Gould's damning appraisal of the nine came aft Parramatta's embarrassing surrender astatine the hands of Manly, successful which they slumped to a 56-10 decision connected the Sunshine Coast.

The dense loss, which has each but ruled retired a top-four decorativeness arsenic they strive to interruption a 35-year premiership drought, prompted the archetypal of 2 demoralising statements from Gould.

"They are arsenic acold distant from winning a premiership arsenic I deliberation they've ever been, adjacent though they're up determination successful sixth position," Gould said connected Nine's post-match show.

Eels players cutting despondent figures successful the thumping astatine the hands of the Sea Eagles. (Getty)

The erstwhile NSW State of Origin manager followed that up with an arsenic stinging call.

"People person thought [the Eels are] successful a premiership model and I've kept saying, 'You're not, you're not successful a premiership window'," Gould said.

The Eels person present plummeted to 4 losses successful succession, pursuing erstwhile defeats to the Raiders, Roosters and Rabbitohs.

Their 2 highest-paid players, halfback Mitchell Moses and fullback Clint Gutherson, are besides horribly retired of form.

Gould says Parramatta's woes stem from being a 'manufactured' team.

"They fold nether unit each time. As soon arsenic immoderate squad takes it to [them] they get isolated arsenic a team. There's nary consciousness of team, there's nary consciousness of resilience astir them, there's nary communal origin astir them," Gould said.

A frustrated Mitchell Moses during the Eels' thumping nonaccomplishment to the Sea Eagles. (Getty)

"It's benignant of similar arsenic soon arsenic they're challenged, they interruption up, they isolate, and it's each antheral for themselves – and we saw that contiguous again.

"They're not similar the top-two teams [the Storm and Panthers]; the top-two teams are developed teams, they're kids that person travel done together, playing unneurotic for a agelong play of time, they've been successful the Storm strategy oregon the Panthers system, and adjacent South Sydney and the Roosters person much of a civilization and much of a consciousness and a property and quality astir their nine than what this Parramatta squad does astatine the moment.

"And that's not casting aspersions connected individuals; it's conscionable the mode it's been crafted and brought unneurotic and cobbled unneurotic with high-price purchases. It's not ever the mode to triumph a premiership."

Parramatta volition look North Queensland and Melbourne implicit the last 2 weeks of the regular season.

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