Hardwick ripped over worrying media 'pattern'

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Richmond manager Damien Hardwick has been criticised for his swipe astatine Lions large Jonathan Brown, with seasoned newsman Caroline Wilson suggesting the triple premiership-winner "sometimes behaves arsenic though he's bigger than the club".

With the reigning premiers presently sitting successful 10th position, Hardwick has been progressively irritable this season, notably taking purpose astatine the AFL for fixturing a Tigers lucifer astatine Marvel Stadium earlier successful the season.

After his broadside scripted a second-half comeback triumph against the AFL's bottom-placed side, the Kangaroos, connected the weekend, Hardwick took purpose astatine Brown, who had criticised Tigers prima Tom Lynch for his deficiency of engagement astatine half-time.

"Come and beryllium connected the tract and spot however you go," Hardwick said erstwhile asked astir Brown's disapproval of Lynch.

Hardwick has ever been fiercely loyal to each azygous 1 of Richmond's players (Getty)

"Browny is susceptible of putting his hands up to manager astatine immoderate stage, if helium wants to coach, by each means enactment your manus up. Seriously, springiness maine his job, let's swap for a week."

The comments did not beryllium good with Wilson, whose appraisal of Hardwick's "personal issues" resulted successful the Tigers manager imposing a prohibition connected her vigor station, 3AW, earlier this year.

"This is simply a manager who sometimes behaves arsenic though he's bigger than the club, and his prohibition connected 3AW is 1 illustration of that," she told Nine's Footy Classified.

"Why would you prohibition the top-rating shot presumption successful the state due to the fact that of 1 writer whose comments helium didn't like? You don't person to spell connected [3AW] with me.

"With immoderate of those comments, the nine astatine the clip saw him successful the zone, successful the mood, and astir apt weren't rather arsenic pugnacious connected him arsenic they possibly should person been. I conscionable anticipation astatine immoderate constituent present they are due to the fact that determination is conscionable a signifier emerging.

Lynch struggled to marque an interaction against the Kangaroos, held goalless with conscionable six possessions (Getty)

"I don't similar journos asking coaches, 'Matthew Lloyd said this, what bash you deliberation astir it?', due to the fact that if they deliberation it, they should conscionable enactment it connected their ain opinion, not Jonathan Brown, but wherefore would you marque a remark astir Jonathan Brown going retired and coaching? That was a perfectly valid constituent astir Tom Lynch."

Wilson's presumption was supported by Port Adelaide large Kane Cornes, who defended Brown's disapproval of Lynch's show against North Melbourne.

"It's hard, due to the fact that [when] you're winning you get distant with a spot more," helium said.

"Throw successful the remark astir Marvel Stadium successful there, however foolish does that look present with the concern that we're in?

Hardwick has perpetually defended Lynch since helium made the big-money determination to Richmond successful 2018 (Getty)

"Tom Lynch had 2 kicks connected the play against the 18th team, Jonathan Brown would nutrient much than that.

"There's a enactment wherever the disapproval is just and what Jonathan Brown said wasn't implicit the top."

While Hardwick's aged Essendon teammate Matthew Lloyd admitted the Tigers manager tin get idiosyncratic astatine times, helium argued that it was the precise trait that made him special.

"It's an absorbing 1 due to the fact that David Teague gets hammered for not giving enough, and past Damien Hardwick, helium gets emotional, helium astir apt gets protective of his players," helium said.

"I cognize helium does [get personal] occasionally. I support Damien Hardwick due to the fact that it's what makes him a large manager and a players' coach, due to the fact that of the passionateness helium exudes."

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