Hellblade's Xbox Series X/S Update Adds Ray Tracing And Other Improvements

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As we patiently hold for the adjacent section successful the Hellblade saga, the archetypal game, Senua’s Sacrifice, conscionable got a large optimization update for Xbox Series X/S. The 2017 enactment game, which already looked beauteous sharp, runs amended than ever acknowledgment to tweaks that amended resolution, performance, and adjacent adds a quality-of-life feature. 

Developer Ninja Theory, which is 1 of the third-party studios owned by Microsoft, announced connected Twitter that arsenic of today, Hellblade features ray tracing, 4K resolution, and 120hz refresh complaint connected some Series X and S. The squad besides dove successful and spruced up immoderate in-game details and particle effects. In presumption of convenience, the crippled present has a nifty section prime enactment arsenic well. Here’s a trailer showing disconnected the improvements successful action.

Hellblade is presently disposable connected Xbox Game Pass, truthful if you’re a subscriber that owns a Series X oregon S, this sounds similar the cleanable clip to springiness it a shot. As for the upcoming sequel, Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II, it inactive doesn’t person a merchandise window unfortnately. We besides inactive don't cognize overmuch astir it different than that it’s being built successful Unreal Engine 5, is acceptable successful 9th period Iceland, and inactive stars Melina Juergens arsenic Senua. 

Ninja Theory has stated that it’s not treating Hellblade II as a nonstop sequel successful the accepted sense, but it volition apt beryllium a portion earlier we larn what that means arsenic it's seemingly aboriginal successful development. Although the crippled didn’t person a due showing during this year’s E3, Ninja Theory did stock a behind-the-scenes update that week that you tin ticker here

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