Hideo Kojima's Post On P.T's Anniversary Kicks Up PS5 Game 'Abandoned' Rumors Once More

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BlueBox Game Studios' mysterious PlayStation 5 rubric Abandoned continues to beryllium astatine the epicenter of conspiracy theories. Many believe, and not without merit, that Abandoned is secretly a Hideo Kojima crippled portion others are definite it's thing related to Silent Hill. Though workplace caput Hasan Kahraman has plainly stated successful the past that Abandoned is its ain game, successful nary mode related to Kojima, Konami, oregon Silent Hill, that hasn't been capable to assuage instrumentality theories. Following an additional Konami nexus was previously discovered, kicking the proverbial hornet nest erstwhile more, surrounding a Konami-sponsored podcast, it's present a Hideo Kojima station itself making waves successful this peculiar whirlpool. 

Today is the day of P.T., the now-canceled interactive teaser for Silent Hills. The cancelation of this task upset galore successful the gaming community, arsenic good arsenic those moving connected it. The anticipation has ever been that immoderate time it would marque a comeback, and immoderate are convinced that Kojima's latest tweet whitethorn beryllium different portion of this precise confusing puzzle. 

斜線堂有紀著「廃遊園地の殺人」の豪華プルーフいただきました!実は斜線堂さんのミステリーは未読。昨年に「楽園とは探偵の不在なり」を何度も手に取ったのですが、表紙に蝙蝠男?のようなものが描かれていて、読む機会を逃してしまいました。確かベーやんも勧めていたかと。楽しませていただきます😍 pic.twitter.com/3vuEfBC7Zr

— 小島秀夫 (@Kojima_Hideo) August 12, 2021

The latest tweet successful question, seen above, is an representation of Murder In An Abandoned Amusement Park by Yuki Shashindo. It took astir 2 seconds earlier the replies noticed the connection "abandoned" successful the rubric and past instantly link the station with the illusive PS5 game. When looking done the thread, determination are a plethora of responses centering astir the coincidence of the media proposal and the necktie with the BlueBox title. Some spot this arsenic impervious that the crippled is connected to Hideo Kojima, whereas others conscionable mentioned that this full rabbit spread is making their caput hurt. I'm successful the second camp, due to the fact that this is conscionable odd. 

Even though Kahraman has vehemently denied that Abandoned is related to Kojima oregon Konami, another caller teaser seemed to contradict that directly. At slightest if you work into the remark section. BlueBox tweeted a caller representation for Abandoned with a blurred inheritance of an older antheral with an eyepatch, not dissimilar successful a definite Metal Gear series, with blurred substance successful the inheritance that galore judge reads "Welcome to Silent Hill." Then we were expected to get a tech demo and the time of its expected arrival, it was delayed for a spot to spell through. What's absorbing is that determination doesn't look to beryllium immoderate spot listed connected PlayStation 5 successful transportation with the Abandoned app. Usually, if a spot oregon update is successful progress, a spot tracker volition database accusation astir erstwhile it's expected to spell live. The workplace mentioned an update was coming to hole the crushed wherefore the highly anticipated teaser was delayed again, but thing is showing up. Now, this could beryllium explained done certification submission protocols, though the timing inactive feels off. If it were a certification issue, it's much than apt that it would person been picked up earlier the update was slated to spell live. 

See? The crippled thickens, you tin marque these things up. Abandoned is without a uncertainty 1 of the top mysteries successful gaming close now, but this entire rabbit hole-like concern does bring up a large interest for me. Abandoned seems to beryllium promising a batch with specified a tiny squad and a squad that we don't truly person immoderate past with for comparison. Where my interest comes in is that the speculation-driven hype surrounding the elusive PS5 crippled volition spot deep-rooted expectations connected what Abandoned adjacent is, and these expectations volition apt be impossible to scope due to the fact that the precise acquisition itself isn't what radical are assuming. It volition beryllium absorbing to spot what the roadworthy to motorboat looks like, particularly if the past period is immoderate indicator. As much and much "connections" are found, the much and much harm could beryllium witnessed erstwhile immoderate this task is yet releases. 

And if it does extremity up being Silent Hill oregon a Kojima project? Then good done. Personally, I'm of a caput that this is an elaborate societal experimentation made to measurement successful connected the leak and rumor civilization of entertainment. Both connected the assemblage broadside and media side, incorrect leaks and assumptions are everyplace astatine each times of day. What if this truly is conscionable a societal experimentation to shed a airy connected that? The tinfoil chapeau is connected folks, but hopefully we'll get answers soon. 

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