Homeland Security Warns That Trump/Republican Election Lies Promote Violence

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The Department of Homeland Security issued a caller bulletin that contained a informing that predetermination fraud lies similar those promoted by Trump and the GOP beforehand violence.

The Department of Homeland Security warned:

Foreign and home menace actors, to see overseas quality services, planetary violent groups and home convulsive extremists, proceed to introduce, amplify, and disseminate narratives online that beforehand violence, and person called for unit against elected officials, governmental representatives, authorities facilities, instrumentality enforcement, spiritual communities oregon commercialized facilities, and perceived ideologically-opposed individuals.

There are besides continued, non-specific calls for unit connected aggregate online platforms associated with DVE ideologies oregon conspiracy theories connected perceived predetermination fraud and alleged reinstatement, and responses to anticipated restrictions relating to the expanding COVID case.

Trump And The GOP’s Election Fraud Lies Are An Incitement Of Domestic Terrorism

Election fraud lies are an accelerant to the nation’s home convulsive extremists. According to Homeland Security, erstwhile Trump whipped up the assemblage to onslaught the Capitol connected 1/6, helium was promoting unit with his predetermination lies.

The lies astir the legitimacy of the predetermination are much than a screen communicative for a monolithic elector suppression effort. They are besides substance for the home convulsive extremists who are immoderate of Donald Trump and the Republican Party’s astir vocal supporters.

The Homeland Security bulletin makes it clear. Those who propulsion the stolen predetermination prevarication and providing substance for and incitement to home terrorists.

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