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FOND DU LAC, Wis. (WBAY) - A Fond du Lac homeowner is connected the hunt to find an Army veteran. The hunt began aft the antheral and his woman uncovered a decades-old portion of subject memorabilia successful their home.

Shane Gomez and his woman precocious bought the location astatine 357 Sherman Street successful Fond du Lac.

The mates spends their escaped clip moving connected location renovation projects, and portion they were moving connected the upstairs information of the location this past weekend, they discovered a small portion of history.

“My girlfriend, she was messing with the cabinets down there, and I conjecture nary 1 had ever truly bothered to look down determination and we recovered that, we recovered an aged record,” said Gomez.

Tucked underneath the bottommost drawer of a built-in hallway furniture was a subject certificate that was issued to James C. Bostwick connected October 1, 1959.

The Honorable Discharge Certificate says helium enlisted successful the Army successful September of 1951, and entered the reserves little than 2 years later.

“My precocious grandpa, helium was a seasoned backmost then. I figured, it benignant of spoke to me. I’m definite somebody’s grandpa was James Bostwick and possibly they would similar to person it arsenic a token, memento, immoderate benignant of heirloom of sorts,” says Gomez.

He posted astir the certificate connected a Fond du Lac assemblage Facebook page, hoping to find idiosyncratic who knows this soldier, adding, “It volition beryllium beauteous surprising. I saw a batch of Bostwicks tagging each different and the name, successful the comments, truthful if I negociate to find who it belongs to, that volition beryllium impressive.”

Until then, he’ll conscionable support the certificate for harmless keeping and possibly bash a small probe connected its recipient aft helium finishes the location projects.

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