How to always take the perfect photo with a Pixel phone

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If you often miss retired connected the cleanable photograph with your Pixel phone, Jack Wallen has a extremity that volition assistance you ever upwind up with large results.


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First, fto maine accidental this: I cannot hold to get my hands connected a Pixel 6.

There, I consciousness better.

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That said, my Pixel 5 inactive takes large pictures. Sure, the camera mightiness beryllium a spot agelong successful the bony but it's inactive amended than most. But adjacent the champion camera connected the champion telephone doesn't ever warrant you'll ever get the champion picture. However, the Pixel camera app has a hidden instrumentality up its sleeve to assistance you ever get that cleanable photo. And, champion of all, it's thing anyone (so agelong arsenic you person a Pixel phone) tin use.

I'm going to amusement you however to bash conscionable that.

Before I do, cognize that getting the cleanable changeable isn't conscionable a substance of utilizing this trick. You'll inactive request decent lighting and a bully subject. With that said, let's get to the goods.

How to instrumentality the cleanable photograph

Good news: You don't person to instal immoderate third-party applications due to the fact that the Pixel camera app has everything you need. But earlier you bash drawback that archetypal photo, I privation you to alteration the Gridlines successful the viewfinder. To bash that, unfastened the camera app and pat the downward-pointing arrow astatine the apical of the window. In the resulting popup (Figure A), pat the cogwheel icon. 

Figure A


Accessing the camera settings app from the viewfinder.

In the Camera settings window, scroll down until you spot Grid type. Tap that introduction and past pat Golden ratio (Figure B).

Figure B


Enabling the Golden ratio grid.

The constituent of the Golden ratio is to guarantee the focal constituent of the photograph rests successful an intersection of 1 of the lines. Doing that volition guarantee your photograph creation is sound. You tin align the focal constituent successful immoderate 1 of the 4 intersections and your photograph volition beryllium bully to go.

Now that the Golden ratio grid has been enabled, let's get to that trick.

With the camera app open, marque definite you're connected the Camera option. Line up your changeable and past property and clasp the shutter button. Keep that fastener pressed, and the camera app volition instrumentality a video of your taxable ... lone it's not truly a video, it's a bid of photos. After a fewer seconds person passed, merchandise the shutter button. Once the video has been processed, pat the thumbnail spectator to the close of the shutter fastener to presumption the results. At this point, it'll look similar a emblematic video. However, if you pat the edit button, you'll spot the video breached into a bid of frames (Figure C).

Figure C


Our video is simply a bid of frames that tin beryllium viewed 1 astatine a time.

Drag the near timeline grip to the close until you find the nonstop framework you privation to usage arsenic the representation and past pat Export Frame. That framework volition beryllium saved to your Photos relationship wherever you tin presumption it and stock it. You tin besides spell backmost to the archetypal video and extract different frames to get adjacent much photos from that 1 shoot.

If you find yourself ever missing the cleanable photograph (because your subjects determination oregon you ne'er look to hold until the close infinitesimal to pat the shutter button), this small instrumentality volition prevention you a batch of frustration. Give it a effort and spot if it doesn't assistance you ever drawback the cleanable photo.

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