How to install Windows 11 on a virtual machine

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Installing Windows 11 connected your each time PC is not applicable for astir of us. A amended solution is to instal Windows 11 connected a virtual instrumentality and trial it safely from there.

Virtual instrumentality   concept

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Microsoft has announced its plans to merchandise Windows 11 to the nationalist by the extremity of 2021. This caller mentation of the operating strategy promises to beryllium much unafraid and person much features than the existent mentation of Windows 10. Whether those promises travel existent oregon not remains to beryllium seen. In the meantime, it is lone prudent that we trial the pre-release versions of Windows 11 for reliability and compatibility.

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However, replacing Windows 10 with a beta mentation of a caller operating strategy on  computers we usage each time is conscionable not practical. The amended solution would beryllium to instal Windows 11 connected a virtual instrumentality that we could trial without risking mislaid productivity connected our superior PCs. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not made specified a applicable solution disposable connected its own—we indispensable bash it ourselves.

This how-to tutorial shows you however to instal Windows 10 onto a VMWare virtual instrumentality and past (hopefully) upgrade that VM to Windows 11.

How to instal Windows 11 connected a virtual machine

First, a speedy note: I wanted to usage Hyper-V arsenic my VM platform, but that exertion uses Windows 10 Enterprise arsenic its default operating system. As acold arsenic I tin tell, determination is nary mode to upgrade Windows 10 Enterprise to Windows 11. Why Microsoft has not made a VM of Windows 11 disposable for investigating is simply a mystery.

VMWare's Workstation Player is disposable for escaped erstwhile utilized successful a non-commercial setting, which makes it a bully campaigner for this project, but different virtual instrumentality platforms whitethorn bash conscionable arsenic well. Download and instal VMWare Workstation Player and tally the Create a New Virtual Machine process, arsenic shown successful Figure A.

Figure A


You volition request to person an ISO mentation of Windows 10 available. You volition besides request a valid Product Key for that mentation of Windows 10. Assuming everything is successful bid and acceptable to go, make your Windows 10 virtual instrumentality pursuing the prompts provided by the VMWare Workstation Player. Specify that you privation your caller VM to person 4GB of representation alternatively of the default 2GB. The installation process (Figure B) volition instrumentality a fewer minutes.

Figure B


When Windows 10 starts its initialization process beryllium definite to motion successful with a valid Microsoft Account. As you tin spot successful Figure C, my virtual desktop looks conscionable similar my modular desktop due to the fact that my settings are associated with my Microsoft Account.

Figure C


Before we tin instal Windows 11, we indispensable archetypal articulation the Windows Insider Program utilizing our virtual instrumentality mentation of Windows 10. In the VM, click the Start Menu button, prime Settings (gear icon) and past prime the Update & Security tab. Using the left-hand navigation tab, scroll down to the Windows Insider Program point successful the database to uncover the surface shown successful Figure D.

Figure D


On this screen, click the Get Started fastener and registry with the program. When prompted, prime the Dev channel. You volition person to restart your virtual instrumentality mentation of Windows 10 to continue.

Still moving with your VM, unfastened Settings again and prime the Update & Security tab. Click the Check for Updates button, shown successful Figure E, and Microsoft should statesman downloading and installing Windows 11.

Figure E


This process could instrumentality much than a fewer minutes, but astatine the extremity you should person a virtual instrumentality with Microsoft Windows 11 installed connected it, arsenic shown successful Figure F.

Figure F


As mentioned before, a Microsoft-sanctioned and developed ISO of Windows 11 should beryllium disposable arsenic an enactment nether Hyper-V truthful everyone from the funny location idiosyncratic to the astir enforcement strategy head tin trial it. Microsoft is dropping the shot successful this regard.

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