Investigators need help solving murder

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BUCKINGHAM TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — June 1977. A begetter and lad made a gruesome find successful immoderate woods successful an country of Buckingham Township, Bucks County, known arsenic Church Hill.

The mutilated assemblage of Shaun Eileen Ritterson was located successful immoderate brush. She was 20 years aged from Croydon. To this day, her sidesplitting remains unsolved.

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Her decease stands retired arsenic 1 of the astir brutal successful region history.

“She was eviscerated. She was intelligibly murdered,” Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub said. “I’m not definite if she was strangled oregon not first. But she was eviscerated.”

Weintraub revived the probe respective years ago, reviewing aged notes and details that for decades sat successful a container connected a shelf. Detectives person agelong had a mentation connected who killed Ritterson.

“We were vectoring successful connected our premier suspect, Shaun’s Ritterson’s uncle, helium died,” Weintraub said. “Unfortunately, we exhausted each leads astatine that time. We had nary much credible suspects.”

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It’s believed the brace had an argument. In published reports earlier his death, Ritterson’s uncle denied engagement but reportedly declined to cooperate with investigators.

“My mentation is Shaun was adjacent with her uncle and they had a disagreement astir immoderate intimate things,” Weintraub said. “That disagreement turned fatal. A unspeakable mode to die, ungodly mode to beryllium left, it’s not right, fair, it’s unjustified. Nobody should person to endure similar that.”

The lawsuit precocious made the quality erstwhile the DA’s bureau returned a ring to Ritterson’s surviving household members.

“She asked maine constituent blank, hey I cognize you person this ring, it’s a emotion ringing that Shaun utilized to wear, and would you beryllium capable to springiness it backmost to maine truthful I tin stock it with my family?” Weintraub said.

Prosecutors are convinced idiosyncratic knows thing astir the brutal sidesplitting of Shaun Eileen Ritterson.

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“If anybody successful the nationalist has immoderate accusation astir this age-old murder, we would emotion to cognize it, fto america beryllium the justice of the worth of that information,” Weintraub said.

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