Investors Are Planning to Sell Robinhood Stock. It’s Not All Bad News.

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Updated Aug. 5, 2021 8:18 americium ET / Original Aug. 5, 2021 7:54 americium ET

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Stock successful brokerage app Robinhood Markets —the institution with the ngo connection to democratize finance for all—is down large successful premarket trading Thursday. Early investors are planning to merchantability stock. Large banal drops are unnerving but, conscionable similar the company’s first time of trading, which didn’t spell each that well, the Thursday plunge isn’t a large deal.

Shares are down 13% successful premarket trading. S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average futures are some up 0.1%.

The driblet follows a filing from Robinhood (ticker: HOOD) indicating aboriginal investors are readying to astir 98 cardinal shares. There are much than a twelve selling shareholders—including tech private-equity steadfast Andreessen Horowitz. All look to beryllium aboriginal investors who had received convertible notes that converted into communal banal erstwhile the company’s archetypal nationalist offering wrapped up.

It isn’t uncommon for backstage equity-type investors to merchantability banal successful nationalist companies aft an IPO. And Robinhood doesn’t person immoderate currency from these sales.

The ample banal merchantability is simply a double-edged sword. It’s a immense artifact of banal that volition unit shares for a mates of days. That’s the atrocious news. But the float—the shares of Robinhood disposable to commercialized by anyone—is lone astir 55 cardinal shares close now. The banal merchantability volition dramatically summation the float. That volition assistance creaseless retired trading volatility successful weeks to come.

The interval successful companies precocious completing an IPO is often low. There are restrictions connected erstwhile existing shareholders tin sell. Typically, a batch of banal can’t beryllium sold for 180 days.

There are astir 720 cardinal Class A shares of banal outstanding and astir 130 cardinal shares of Class B banal outstanding. The Class B banal has 10 votes per share, portion the Class A banal has 1 ballot per share. The Class B banal is held chiefly by the founders and gives them power of astir 64% of the voting powerfulness of each the stock.

There are besides millions of shares represented successful banal options and restricted banal units. Getting precise stock counts for companies close aft an IPO is simply a chore. Robinhood wasn’t instantly disposable for remark astir stock counts oregon further item astir the selling shareholders.

Robinhood banal is disconnected to a volatile, but successful start. Shares dropped 8.4%, to $34.82, down from its $38 IPO terms connected July 29 connected its archetypal time of trading. Shares person risen the 4 trading days since past including a immense 50.4% leap Wednesday.

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