Jennifer Aniston defends staying away from the unvaccinated

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(CNN)Jennifer Aniston stirred immoderate feelings erstwhile she recently said she has "lost a fewer radical successful my play regular who person refused oregon did not disclose" whether they had been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Aniston made the remark to In Style, and astir instantly folks connected societal media were offering their opinions.

On Thursday she posted astir immoderate of the captious comments connected the Instastories of her verified Instagram account.

    The "Friends" prima posted 1 person's remark that read, "But if she's vaccinated she's protected correct? Why beryllium disquieted astir unvaxed astir her?"

      Aniston responded with "Because if you person the variant, you are inactive capable to springiness it to me."

      "I whitethorn get somewhat sick but I volition not beryllium admitted to a infirmary and oregon die," she wrote. "BUT I CAN springiness it to idiosyncratic who does not person the vaccine and whose wellness is compromised (or has a erstwhile existing condition) — and truthful I would enactment their lives astatine risk."

      "THAT is wherefore I worry," Aniston concluded. "We person to attraction astir much than conscionable ourselves."

        The Covid-19 tin inactive beryllium transmitted to those who person been vaccinated, but the vaccine protects against superior wounded oregon death.

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