Jim Jordan Melts Down And Suggests Everything Would Be Wonderful If Trump Was President

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) was asked astir Afghanistan but alternatively ranted astir however things would beryllium large if Trump was president.


Jim Jordan claims that Biden has done thing close successful office, "Tell maine what this medication has done close successful their archetypal 8 months connected the job," things would beryllium fantastic nether Trump, and criticizing Biden for vacationing, arsenic helium is connected vacation. https://t.co/bQoAnjmeRA


Rep. Jordan said connected Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures:

I deliberation the archetypal thing is wherefore is Joe Biden on vacation. He hasn’t taken a question. It’s an embarrassing situation for the United States. Frankly, it’s not surprising. Maria, archer maine what this administration has done close in their archetypal 8 months connected the job. We person ostentation similar crazy, crisis connected the borderline and the economy wherever it doesn’t request to be and transgression surging successful every urban areas. We had 11 murders successful Chicago two weekends ago. Tell maine what they person done right. It’s embarrassing and frightening and we person never seen thing this brainsick since back successful Vietnam erstwhile we had to get radical retired astatine the past infinitesimal as well. 

So let’s anticipation we tin protect American lives but this would not happen, this would not happen if President Trump was successful the White House. We cognize that. We would not beryllium treated the way we are from our adversaries and what happened successful Anchorage, that just would not hap erstwhile you project spot and competence from the White House but unfortunately we don’t person that today.

Jim Jordan criticized Biden for being connected abrogation astatine Camp David erstwhile Rep. Jordan is presently connected vacation.

Trump Showed Strength And Competence By Getting Rolled By Dictators, Killing Americans With A Pandemic, And Trashing The Economy.

It was a meltdown from Jim Jordan, arsenic helium couldn’t clasp successful his longing for Donald Trump immoderate longer. Jordan was asked astir Afghanistan and helium ranted astir murders successful Chicago and however fantastic the satellite would beryllium if Donald Trump was inactive successful office.

Trump managed to get played by dictators, termination hundreds of thousands of Americans during the pandemic,  and destruct the economy.

Biden has chopped the decease complaint from COVID by 90%, gotten Americans entree to lifesaving vaccines, created much jobs this aboriginal successful his word than immoderate president successful history, and is ending a warfare that the immense bulk of Americans privation retired of.

Jim Jordan can’t grip the world of Biden’s success, arsenic helium pines for his crush Donald Trump.

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