Kanye West's latest listening party stirs hope of Kim Kardashian reconciliation

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(CNN)Kanye West hosted different listening lawsuit successful Atlanta for his "Donda" album, but determination was much chatter astir his idiosyncratic beingness than music.

It was the 2nd clip West held a listening enactment astatine the Mercedes-Benz Stadium wherever he's been staying as helium completes the medium named for his precocious mother.

Once again his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian West, attended, this clip wearing a achromatic outfit that matched the rapper's all-black attire.

    There's been tons of speculation astir erstwhile the medium volition really drop, but present radical are besides talking astir whether the Wests are genuinely done.

      Kim Kardashian West filed for divorce backmost successful February aft the pair, who stock 4 young children, had reportedly been surviving isolated for immoderate time.

      On Thursday night, helium appeared to beryllium addressing their matrimony -- and divided -- successful immoderate of his lyrics.

      In 1 song, West says, "Sixty cardinal dollar home, ne'er went location to it," successful an evident notation to the couple's Hidden Hills, California, mansion (West has been surviving much astatine his ranch successful Wyoming) and helium sang, "Ask Kim, What bash you love? Hard to find what the information is."

      In different helium said, "Cussing astatine your babe mama/This is wherefore they telephone it custody."

      But it's the opus "Love Unconditionally" successful which West sings, "I'm losing my family," that galore connected societal media mulled over.

      "I'm losing each my family/Darling travel backmost to me," West rapped arsenic his estranged woman looked connected from the audience.

      In different song, helium offered, "Time and abstraction is simply a luxury/But you came present to amusement that you're inactive successful emotion with me."

        For her part, Kardashian West has antecedently said she's Ye's "biggest fan."

        "We person an astonishing co-parenting narration and I respect him truthful much," she said during the Kardashian household reunion peculiar that aired successful June. "That was my person first, archetypal and foremost for a agelong clip truthful I can't spot that going away."

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